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What do you like best in a DST character? [POLL]

What do you like best about a Them?  

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  1. 1. What do you like best about a Them?

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My voting choice isn’t on your poll... the most important one-


Currently I’m playing as Willow and have a few pre-crafted Bernie’s filling all my Inventory slots & Sewing kits to repair them after each one goes down.

Cooking food on the go with a Lighter allows for laughably easy Sanity Manipulation as Willow, Plus I can Stand in the middle of a raging Forest Fire during hound Wave attacks so they have trouble getting to Me.

1 use of a Repair kit brings a 0% Health Bernie back to 100% and if you throw down a BUNCH of Bernie they’ll all move around, when One dies, another replaces it and draws enemy Aggro.. giving YOU time to sneak in and repair the dead Bernie’s for endless Bernie Power Muwhahahaha!

My Main is Wendy... But I love how each character Refresh is making each character gain new found abilities, craftables, and Fun Factor.

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I...can't really decide on just one thing with this poll.  For one thing, I'd kinda want to think of the benefits and problems of a character TOGETHER, then stand back and look at:  Their balance.  How hard or easy are they to play overall, and what's the overall..._feel_, of this character to play?  How well do they fit my own personal playstyle?

This can, if strongly _against_ what I like, scare me away from characters I otherwise would've been drawn to because of their design and/or personality.  But I rate those things highly too...

Basically I want a character whose playstyle either fits or at least doesn't directly conflict with my own, who has a fun design, and an interesting personality/background.  So that's why I can't vote for just one option on that poll.



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I enjoy a lot tobplay with wurt or wormwood just because how they react to stuff, their quotes and their desing.

But also i enjoy them being balanced, at the end you get boring with wolfg, wortox, wx o abi when some task are just so easy and dont have to worry about nothibg

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I enjoy playing a lot of characters, especially when they have a unique personality, but I also do have to agree with the design. I would expand on my least favourite character in these terms but not sure if this is the place to do it.

I'm a Webber main but I enjoy playing Wes, him being silent is unique and due to mine and his struggling to stay alive, it makes gameplay much more fun for me (Doing 1000 days with him at the moment). I enjoy playing Webber because his personality is adorable same for his design (Which also fits in with the don't starve style of creepiness), but also his spiders are useful and the fact that he can eat monster meat makes him a very easy character to start on the beginning... if you avoid pigs and Bunnymen. Willow has an amazing personality (She either is irritated or doesn't care, unless it's about her fire) and great fire abilities, sure she has small sanity but after playing Webber for most of my time you learn to control it and use it to farm nightmare fuel. Wendy is amazing after her new re-work but her personality is also something unique and I enjoy listening to her quotes, she was also one of my mains back in 2015. Wilson has a well-rounded personality and is a great starting character with having no flaws and one benefit which is to grow his beard that helps in winter and can great a meat effigy.

I think abilities and cons are important. But if you don't have the personality and design down, the character is not as enjoyable to play when it comes to me.

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