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  1. (Edit: Rewriting my other post) I like the older animations and illustrations that were around when DS was first put on steam and also around when RoG was announced, after that, I noticed that Shipwrecked was REALLY different from the traditional DS game and I was wondering why they had to go such a different route and why it looked like another world from a different game. (It was also due to the new colourfilter they decided to use in shipwrecked) I think the best example is how Wigfrid was drawn in the RoG trailer and how she was drawn in one of the newer ones, it's more looser and choppier and the white outlines... I get what they are trying to make it look like, but it just looks painful to look at since if they are meant to be paper cut-outs why isn't the whole enviroment around them made out of layers uppon layers of painted cardboard? In character design as well, if we look at Wanda's sprite she is SO over-complicated has so many details in her sprite and it is hard to make out her shape in a silhouette, while if we look at Wilson, the most complex part of his design is his hair, which makes him memorable and recognizable, also the limitations in the color pallet which previously were just white, grey, black and special use of red. This is what established DS's style and what makes it unique in my opinion, the limitations of color. In terms of Lore because I really want to point it out, right now it is an absolute mess. I gone over it so many times, there are so many loopholes and I understand Klei still hopes to have this bit of intepretation, but they added so much stuff to this game that it is about time for it to be properly explained.
  2. 3X the Wortox! Drawn all (I think) versions of existing Wortox. Here are all my character plus wilson "w"ATI! this is just my character that I completed the first profile of her sprite. I just want to animate her. Mini icon! This is Wiara's concept art, however I don't like it to I have to redraw it.
  3. I usually work on one page, I drawn the sketch in pencil; then I used a kneaded eraser to make the sketch lighter; painted in the colours with the shadows; draw in line art and then use another type of which is a harsh eraser (One swipe will pick up all the graphite) I like this process because the sketch could be still hiding in the watercolours. also yes thank you! The fish is such a cutie also thank you for welcoming me back!
  4. Geez, apologise for not being very active, had to do some work for Collage. Most of it was actually DS stuff so yeah... Klei your characters got me into collage thank you very much. Drawn Wendy, Wurt and Webber in my style, used Watercolours, pencil and pen. Also look at the sketchy mess! Isn't it chaotic? I know I don't have to post proof like on amino but eh, here are my secrets.
  5. Hello! I forgot to comment here on your wonderful art! I love your wilson and your style over all it's so similar to klei! I also see you have an animation on your thread which is just so cute, you gave alot of personality to him.
  6. Aww shucks! Also yeah it does make sense... Since they are like a fish-frog person thing.
  7. I have drawn this coloured sketch of baby-baby Wurt using @minespatch's concept! I referenced a pug since they are so ugly it's cute. Also maybe they have a fish tail when they are born? @minespatch's concept sketches. .
  8. yep! Ravencrow was my inspiration back when I was starting my art on DA, I really liked her comics and me and my cousin we're OBSESSED with the story and the art. Even tho I only recently picked up how to draw people which will be 1 year from now on. I have drawn for maximum of 6 years and that only includes monsters, animals and scenery. For feral Webber I just imagine him at the start really feral like his spider side is in charge when he is desperate for survival. Also thank you! You two. I’ll try my best to improve!
  9. Yo, I'm technically a newcomer since even through I had this account from 2014 and played much earlier then that, Don't starve. I finally got some corage to actually interact with you guys... have some sketches! I have a youtube channel (Bandzia) which I will post speedpaint. It's new so it's empty right now heh.