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Bridges, piers and craftable artificial land masses

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At the current moment, sea bases and bridges are being built with boats. They are totally functioning and practical as it stands.

However, as they remain, the use of the boats deviate from the intended use, the way the camera works on the boats is disorienting in my opinion and to look at, it's quite frankly, out of place.


My pitch is to introduce a new block you can walk straight onto but placeable on water. Think of it like a turf, but instead you'll be placing it on the ocean.


Excuse how out of place this mock up is against the don't starve theme and how rushed it looks, but this illustrates my vision for what i'm talking about.
Say for example you place tiles on water and the result would look something similar to this. 

It will operate as any landmass would as usual except, you wouldn't have the ability to plant on it. You'd be able to place structures on it, beefalo and spiders could walk from the land it originated on to the placed pier/bridge block and it wouldn't be limited to just hunchback mobs and hounds who could jump or swim to it. 

A weakness I'd like to implement for this sort of block would be for it to either crack or burn if any sort of ignition occurs on it. But instead of just getting destroyed, a character could still walk on it albeit very slowly as is the case with antlion fissures, in addition, your wetness would increase. This would be remedied by repairing with wood or twigs as is the case with boats.



Another function for this is to create true sea bases without the need of tacking boats upon boats by each other.

By simply placing each tile of the pier block directly on water and have them connect like so, would net you floor to stand on for your sea base.
 Above, there are 4 tiles worth of this pier block. 

As for materials used to craft the new addition, Perhaps some boards, wooden flooring turf and cut stone could be used. The exact amount isn't something I'm fussed about weighing in on directly.

Building off of that point, other bridges could be built such as arched support stone bridges made using cobblestone and cut stone as demonstrated by the stock image below I took off of google.



I realize what we have now with boat bridges currently function well enough and my pitch is by no means completely necessary, but I truly want the best out of this game and the mega world I'm attempting to make and the addition of these would go an extremely long way in the appearance of any world and large servers such as any klei official server or Glermz's community server would look incredible with these additions. 

The only functional upside I could see from this would be ferrying herd mobs such as beefalo and volt goats across water. Even if a boss were to walk on to a pier block from the mainland, the damages of the pier or bridges would not end the fight for either party but instead, make a fight harder by slowing a character's pace down.

Thank you for reading the post and I would appreciate any input from anyone  kind enough to reply



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I really want bridges. It looks really dumb to see like 20 boats in a line just to make a bridge to lunar island, but that's what I see people doing. If people are going to make goofy looking bridges anyway, Klei may as well put craftable bridges in the game. Boat bases also look really weird too. You have to hop from boat to boat just to get around and it's kind of annoying. Connecting ocean platforms would be nice for ocean basing.

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I would rather wait and see what Klei does with the ocean content first, you’d have to factor in things that are currently not in the game like rough waves at sea, sea related dangers such as whirlpools, hostile ocean mobs, etc... sure a platform you can build over water sounds fun to walk Beefalo over.. but What dangers would it impose?

Will Cookie Cutters Target your bridge like Sea Termites and you’ll need to occasionally repair damage to said Wooden bridge turf?

I had already suggested bridges in my own thread here:


But the general reaction to it was why nerf Boat Kits if they’re super easy to use and would serve the same purpose?

My reasons were to give more important roles to characters like Walani, Wortox, Woodie, & Wolfgang

And to give us an actual cosmetically cool looking bridge of land we can build that doesn’t look like a round boat Cookie oddly sitting in water.

When Return of Them first released- The Boat Cookies would bump into land repeatedly taking damage before breaking apart... they later patched that and now we have Boat Kit bridges as the answer to everything.

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I said it best in my post. Just having a more polished bridge and pier block that doesn't need to be boat bridges that look out of place and a possibility for sea basing without the weird camera the boats provide. So the blocks would act as a piece of the mainland similar wooden flooring or cobblestones with inability to plant on them. As for damages, these couldn't be straight out destroyed by mobs, but instead, when damaged, it acts similarly to an antlion fissure when antlion goes too long without a tribute. The pier block would crack and when standing on it, increases wetness and slows down movement. 

And I did mention it in my post. This wouldn't be absolutely necessary. We already have functioning boats that serve the task of the new addition that I propose. But it would be extremely nice and polished if we had this addition @Mike23Ua

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You don’t like the camera angle for boats, turn seafaring camera off in options menu.

There are a lot of things in the options menu I actually had to goggle to find out what they do, for the longest of time I wondered what the heck Wigfrids Emualts was.. until I got bored last night and looked that up

its ÄäÖöÜü

The little dots above the letters, I also looked up the reason WHY you can turn them off and apparently it’s because some languages other than English more commonly use them, so it could be confusing.

Just thought I would share that for anyone who didn’t already know.

As for your main topic though, I’m on board with the idea (pun fully intended..) But I would still like to see what Klei actually does with the Sea first.. 

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turning off seafaring camera is just weird and not really the same. feels jarring. I wouldn't have suggested this entire idea if I had been happy with how the entire camera system works with boats, including seafaring cam on and off.

I prefer having the seafaring camera on when I'm sailing because I currently still do sail relatively frequently and I'm not about to switch seafaring on and off every time I transition from my boat bridges to actually sailing. 

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