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Boat Attachments [Concept Idea]

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I had a small idea pop to me a bit ago, what if you could play structures on the sides of boats? While placing them, the placers would snap to the sides of the boat instead of being placed normally, and each of these attachments could do different things, Maybe in the future we could collect water for something and have a bucket to lower and gather ocean water, maybe to create a motor, or even create a ram to crash into seastacks and sustain more damage!

boat attachment concept-1.png

boat attachment concept-2.png

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Certainly seems like it is something that would be added to the boats and I hope they add different designs for boats seeing as they could potentially make better use of some of the those kinds of upgrades. For example if they added in a ram it might be easier to use on a smaller easier to control boat and the same with a motor.

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All these things “Somewhat” already exist in Don’t Starve Shipwrecked- 

but you cant suggest Shipwrecked Boat Attachments without suggesting ALL of Them.

Motor, Quackering Ram, Trawl Nets, Boat Lanterns which would be a string of lanterns Tied around water bouys that go around the outside circle of the Boat cookie.

And of course- Boat Cannons!

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