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Hey Grifters!


This update adds an alternate boss for Rook's day 2, as well as a host of quality-of-life features and bug fixes.

Our next update will be on April 16th, and will conclude Rook's story with an expedition into the Deep Bog. Until then, stay safe, and keep on griftin'.

Patch notes:

  • Scaling the arguments wheels in the Negotiation screen on small-screen mode, so that the scaled-up arguments don't overlap other widgets on screen (like the top-bar)
  • Aligning the Done/Leave Location/Map button so that it's not too close to the bottom of the screen
  • Adjusting the layout of the Pick Coin Screen so that the selectable options don't touch the edge of the panel, independently of the selected screen scaling mode
  • Final dialog for Competing Bids quest
  • Hide coins on the Day over screen
  • Make screen size sticky in the options screen
  • Add some clarification to the food fight negotiation quest
  • Fix an issue where oolo's opinion wasn't set correctly after you fail guard duty
  • Make pengemunt look happy sometimes
  • Added nil-check to Twist to fix bug when being triggered with no enemies alive
  • Fixed bug where composure from Admiralty Medals was immediately removed
  • Fixed bug where Double Edge wasn't working correctly
  • characters grunt at you when the "so and so hates you" screen shows up
  • New quest for sal: side_competing_bids.lua (has placeholder dialog)
  • Fix rare situation where Three Fingers won't make 2 people hate you.
  • Fix LargeButton continuing to be interactable even when animating out.  Specifically, the accept surrender button which can cause you to surrender multiple times.
  • Reworked the "Frisk" and "Flash Badge" cards
  • Fixed bug in experiment_rook_boss_bit.lua when repeating the quest 
  • Fix a bunch of typos
  • Hooked up alternate boss for rook day 2
  • Added experiment to test new rook day 2 boss
  • Hide old experiments
  • Fixed bug where Jake's "Double Edge" would give composure based on damage from some other sources (not just the jake)
  • fixed missing nil check for target_deck in bog_sensitive
  • Adding hero slide animations on boss fight previews
  • Improving the parasite-card icon and adding parasite-card colors for the various colourblind modes
  • Track duplicated cards.  Card:HasUpgrades will always return false for any duplicated cards.
  • Trade Secrets: Fix the list of Spark Barons who dislike you.
  • Hilight Wide Prattle's base composure change.
  • Crayote spit no longer affects slimed/cripple if evaded.
  • Raider cleave no longer affects targets that evaded.
  • Fix certain NPC titles showing as "Grifter Grifter".
  • Fixed typos
  • Baffled no longer ignores composure
  • Remove associated resolved cards from the resolve_queue if the owner is deactivated.
  • Fix multi-hit attacks targetting non-player targets if the attacker has Vendetta.
  • fix progression blocker in one of the endings of baron_crime_scene.lua
  • Added missing faction ID to Rook
  • tune down the grawkit's damage a bit
  • give you an option to abandon shel when whe fights a grawkit
  • reduce the already-fighting grawkit's health a bit in the shel/grawkit event
  • Added missing boons, banes and death loot for NPC Rook, Oolo, Nadan and Frizz
  • Flash Powder now applies 2 (4) Scorched on the first attack each combat.
  • Fix potential crash when helping Shel, but Shel dies in combat.
  • Fixed crashes in "Bog Sensitive", "Inoculated", "Talisman"
  • Bottom Edge no longer interferes with other damage modifying grafts (uses AddDamage instead of ModifyDamage)
  • Cash out will not preserve its bonus if upgraded mid-negotiation.
  • Capitalize usages of Diplomacy and Hostile card types in card descriptions.
  • Update the checks everywhere we upgarde/add xp to cards to make sure they aren't hatch cards
  • Fixed description of Stoic
  • Added death loot for Oolo and Nadan
  • Added Boons for Oolo and Nadan
  • Added a bane for Nadan (Oolo still missing one)
  • Clarify desc on Double Duty.
  • Prevent the end-turn button and concede buttons from overlapping
  • All cards that reference healing now use the heal keyword for consistency
  • Negotiation cards that make arguments now differentiate between Creating and Gaining an argument. Creating makes a new instance and Gaining adds to stacks.
  • Suppressed the Spark Baron when negotiation with the worker in baron_food_fight.lua
  • psimulacrum is awesome with the more powerful arguments (tactical mind, cool head, airtight, etc.) so it should be at least uncommon, maybe even rare?
  • Psimulacrum works with Tactical Mind.
  • Fix possible crash with Inoculated in battle.
  • Fixed issue where enemies that rallied would not have a morale icon
  • comment out some "on down" handling for card clicks that was causing inadvertant fighter info popups 
  • Fixed bug where the surrender icon wouldn't refresh its number on taking damage.
  • Added nil-check for target_deck in bogling modifiers
  • prevent spam-clicking from showing combat popup
  • Fixing the character animation positioning within the Fighter Info Popup
  • Keywords that refer to arguments indicate their resolve in the corresponding tooltip.
  • Add some missing periods to  negotiation card and tooltip text.
  • Minor description tweaks to Healing Vapors, Build Rapport.
  • Added the first round of combat grunts
  • Fix Bounty Hunter tooltip not showing the damage range for the Wanted! modifier correctly. 
  • Prepare no longer triggers parasite cards that indicate 'when drawn' 
  • All Business: Composure is applied to a random argument if the opponent has no core argument.
  • Clarify descriptive text for Enhanced Helmet.
  • Parasite cards are their own type now
  • Spotty now discards itself after being triggered. It has also been moved from Uncommon to Rare.
  • Add self defense flag to fight to keep cores in baron_wild_pack_of_dogs.lua
  • Use a better combat party in the ambush part of rise_ambush_a_baron.lua
  • remove placeholder text in baron_crime_scene
  • Display hovered/focused card in hard over other cards
  • put rise cobblebot combat strength to 2, rather than 1
  • remove some placeholder questions that we didn't end up using in rook_story_bogger_raid.lua
  • add some variant dialog for beating flekfis/arint
  • fixed some casting / textual issues  in baron_crime_scene.lua
  • Updated the meet Sal event to have an additional option.
  • event_rook_meet_sal.lua drafts you 5 random battle and/or negotiation cards if you turn down the money.
  • Use default melee and ranged anims if the fighter doesn't support the requested one (to support Rook being able to play Sal cards)
  • Fix load crash if NO_SOUND is toggled on.
  • Updating morale condition icon to show the right value
  • Changed Crackler from CONSUME to max_charges
  • Insulted argument now uses self.negotiator:GetModifierStacks("insulted") rather than self.stacks
  • Shield Bash (Bogger Clobber) now only triggers while the fighter is active
  • Crackler now properly displays its charges(1) on the card.
  • Fixed bug where two separate Insulted arguments weren't being counted towards one total of stacks
  • Fix crash when Twig is hatched while killing you simultaneously.
  • Fix a possible crash when negotiating for ally help before the Flead Queen.
  • Visual improvements to the health bar, morale, and condition widgets
  • Fixed the description of Scanned to still be correct with multiple stacks
  • Big revs to the fight UI - you can click on a fighter to get details about them.
  • hook up new merchant quest for the pet merchant
  • Burn damage calculation is now done by the first instance of burn on a team and the damage is applied all at once. This solves some weird turn order issues with burn's aoe
  • Blade Flash is now 3-4 and does not consume, and does not draw.
  • Adjusted the Jakes' Double Edge argument to be less oppressive
  • Added crackler item
  • vastly simplify the VO processing at load time (saves a second or so?)
  • fixed missing grenade and cups


PS: Continuez à regarder pour une nouvelle mise à jour expérimentale plus tard dans la journée qui vous permettra de griffer d'une toute nouvelle façon!

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3 minutes ago, LETSCHAT said:

Will there be a mission where all the main characters will team up?

There's a random event in Sal's Campaign where Rook shows up and you can join him to fight one of his Day 1 bosses. There's also a random event in Rook's campaign that's Sal vs Day 1 boss as well.

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