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Hey Grifters, 

A new bur! And some more story cross-pollination! 

  • Added event_sal_meets_rook (you can meet rook in an event in sal's story)
  • hooked up NPC_ROOK for fighting, adjusted HESH_BOSS' combat to work in sals' story (attacks are AOE, she skips 
  • fix dead robot counting in rook_story_bogger_raid
  • hook up the bog cyst burr
  • Do uv animation with a uniform instead of rebuilding the vertex buffers every frame
  • Added upgrade highlight to Cyclone
  • Fixed bug where Heavy Lifting would apply every turn instead of once per combat
  • Memory lapse no longer gets triggered immediately when hatched from the previous parasite
  • Several of the new quests have non-placeholder dialog

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  • Developer
4 hours ago, RageLeague said:

How does the rook assassin's death drop work on sal? I got war stories and it seems that you don't gamble. It's flat out 4 dominance. What about the energy generator?

It... er... won't do much for Sal. We're going to have to think about how to handle that case more gracefully. Maybe the bosses should have a less specific version alternate version of their loot/banes when they reference character-specific mechanics?

Just pushed a small update that un-placeholders a much more of the new dialog. There's still a bit more placeholder to get rid of - we'll probably push that on monday.


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Bandit Babysitter fight (vs the 4 man stack with the Oshnu) seems to be really really hard atm. Anyone else noticed this? My deck wasn't the greatest but it seems the high amount of damage with Stinging eyes debuff is just too much.

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