[Game Update] - 397296

Release Date: 02/28/2020

Update Information:

Hey Grifters, 

A new bur! And some more story cross-pollination! 

  • Added event_sal_meets_rook (you can meet rook in an event in sal's story)
  • hooked up NPC_ROOK for fighting, adjusted HESH_BOSS' combat to work in sals' story (attacks are AOE, she skips 
  • fix dead robot counting in rook_story_bogger_raid
  • hook up the bog cyst burr
  • Do uv animation with a uniform instead of rebuilding the vertex buffers every frame
  • Added upgrade highlight to Cyclone
  • Fixed bug where Heavy Lifting would apply every turn instead of once per combat
  • Memory lapse no longer gets triggered immediately when hatched from the previous parasite
  • Several of the new quests have non-placeholder dialog

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