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  1. You can also retain the power by casting Fever (bog card) and Brain Tick on yourself, pretty cool
  2. Isn't Spotty in a broken state now? It seems to draw cards for ages for me. I'll upload a vid tomorrow or something (5 am here atm)
  3. Bandit Babysitter fight (vs the 4 man stack with the Oshnu) seems to be really really hard atm. Anyone else noticed this? My deck wasn't the greatest but it seems the high amount of damage with Stinging eyes debuff is just too much.
  4. Can't get past Arint atm, think it crashes when she tries to do a certain attack, not sure though, sent in reports. Another thing that I was wondering, in this run I just did I had the Flead Egg card early on and then I saw Company Band in the shop. So I thought when the Flead would hatch that it would get the bonus HP but it didn't. It'd be awesome if it applied to these kinds of Fleads aswell!
  5. Couldn't finish a run (with Rook) because of a hitbox problem that seems to occur on NPC's that are elevated on top of balconies. Sent in a few more reports. Also one of the new cards (Twig) doesn't seem to gain XP at all.
  6. Experimental keeps crashing at the beginning of Threekwa's fight for me. Sent in a few error reports. I had the same happening in the Experiment when fighting Threekwa.
  7. Krog's Weighted Coin isn't working as intended. I think it started since last night that's when I noticed something was off. Today I went for another run with Diplomacy and noticed the same thing, I had a recording this run today and counted the tosses individually. Total tosses: 51, Heads: 25 Snails: 26.