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  1. Remember that some enemies can gain Impatience in different ways. Spree members = every time you shuffle your deck they gain 1 Impatience. Day 2 Sal and Day 1 Rook bosses also gain Impatience when you destroy their "Fear" argument. There might be more that I can't think of right now though.
  2. C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Klei\ should be there
  3. Not tested many combinations but on highest Prestige i've been going with: Faster levelling on basic cards, just to destroy them asap, they level really fast. Faster levelling on all cards that are not basic, this is insane for ability cards (primarily those that take 3 XP to level up, but usually cost 2 actions). This means that you only have to play these cards ONCE! Being able to upgrade them to Pale, after just playing them once, makes adding Ability cards to your deck way more appealing. Another huge benefit is that you will be able to level your Bog Cards way faster than usual, which gives us Bog Boil for Negotiations (super helpful towards the late game to keep us healthy vs Glofriam). For Battle we get Bog Symbiosis, every time you cast it on an enemy Bog Burr, your max HP increases by 3. So if you manage to get this one early, this could be huge. This also counts for "Deep Bog Secret" normally a bit of chore to level up, it also becomes a way more appealing card. It also makes the quest from Grimdellia easier, giving us an extra negotiation with her and her social boon. The final one I took is the one that gives you an extra battle & negotiation graft-slot with Rook so you start with 4 for each on highest prestige.
  4. If the final boss didnt have Piercing attacks I might've considered finishing this game. (possible bug) If any admin reads this, my first hunch would be that it might have something to do with the new card "Energy Loop".
  5. I guess the reason why I thought it still worked is because the same mechanism works for Flash Powder, you can apply it multiple times with Gunslinger
  6. It sure does/did atleast. This clipis from about 6 months ago so I'm not entirely sure if it still works 100% incase they changed something. This is with unupgraded First Blood and some of the Bleed got blocked by the "Formation" buff I believe.
  7. Here is one that I find satisfying when it comes through: With Boosted First Blood graft and Mirrored Discharge, you can apply a gazillion Bleed on the first attack if you have a full hand of 10 cards. It should be 10 +1 (from Mirrored Discharge) attacks x 6 Bleed = 66 Bleed. One that I ran into accidentally during a boss fight: Kill a Bilebroker Chemist, get his death loot Vapor Vial (For the rest of your turn, all of your cards have random costs between 0 and 2. Destroy after 1 use.) Play Vapor Vial with Echo Strike in your hand, if it gets reduced to 0, you can keep playing it infinitely since it keeps coming back to your hand every time you play it.
  8. Boat Anchor also has synergy with Vantage (Draw 2 cards, gain Concentration equal to their combined cost). Good for a nice burst of Concentration if you draw it.
  9. Usually Nadan because I really like Assault & Vital Strikes faction card. Saying that I had a run with Frisk the other day and it does help quite a bit on higher prestige especially if you can copy the argument a few times like with Duplicity or something. For Rook, generally Spark Baron because you can get Enforcer backup in some quests like the day 2 boss and Bogger Raid.
  10. You absolute madman I haven't attempted this yet but seems like a fun challenge
  11. Dominance has potential to do more damage and end negotiations more quickly, since it's max damage isnt capped like Diplomacy is.
  12. So not too long ago there was a button added to confirm if we want to add cards to our deck or not. I want to suggest to add another button for when the screen pops up when we replace grafts due to not having enough graft slots. Sometimes it's just a simple missclick or from playing too fast and you could get rid of a rare graft for example by accident.
  13. Works well with things like Plead and Setup and a lot of Pale upgrades
  14. The only cards that I know of that are kinda similar in nature (gaining xp more rapidly) are: Duplicity, Assault & Battle Plan but nothing useful for Rook afaik. I'm having problems hatching the Parasite card aswell, I feel like you don't have enough time and getting the card on day 1 never really bothered me tbh. Might also have something to do with me running fairly big decks.