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  1. nice one how did you level all those cards in day 1 though? And how many actions did you get off? those numbers are insane ngl edit: nvm didnt read properly that you were using veteran mutator
  2. In Rook's story there is a random event that triggers sometimes where a guy offers you 100 Shills to buy one of your item cards. It'd be nice if we got the chance more to sell them, maybe at the market? Item cards are very situational and can be of high impact with the right timing, for example the stun cards or the cards that only works vs Metallic. But often they sit in my deck doing nothing for a long time and I dont really want to delete them yet either. Just a thought anyway.
  3. Ohh right, gotcha. I was imagining some weird scenario where Nadan was a bartender for some reason
  4. I really do hope we get some more grafts for Burn/Scorched decks, atm it's just lacklustre let's be honest. Flash Powder is poor... the only way you can get value out of it afaik, is by using cards that let you attack multiple times on your first turn. This will apply the effect multiple times. Something like Induction Crank -> Fully Charged -> Fan The Hammer with Boosted Flash Powder for (5*6) = 30 Burn could potentially be devastating. But what are the odds you'll get that kind of hand on your first turn etc...? Another way that should work is by using an AOE item card like Lumin/Shrapnel Grenade or RPG to apply 3/6 Burn to multiple targets. Flint Tips I haven't experimented much with but it seems alright but that's basicaly one OK graft.
  5. The screenshot with the 2 Yote's is 4 months old so it's hard to remember but I'm pretty sure they got melted by Sparky, quite sad indeed. Not sure what you mean by the 2 bartender Nadan fight? That some bug you're speaking off? It's really useful for gauging how many turns you have left till your cards stop gaining XP.
  6. A few older screenshots, quality might be a bit off on some of them though so sorry for that. Get in the firing line. Slice em up. . Needed a fresh HP bar How to delete someone (long turn + Focused Cynotrainer + Aerostat Coilgun). Did you say Power? (Shadow Mastery with lots of discarding for 24 temp. PWR). Release the hounds! (Funny day 1 backup squad). Bleed stacks galore on the first turn with Kradeshi Barbstorm, Sharpen and Boosted Blades. Maxing out. Fragmenter & Serrated edge seems pretty "strong".
  7. Couldn't finish a run (with Rook) because of a hitbox problem that seems to occur on NPC's that are elevated on top of balconies. Sent in a few more reports. Also one of the new cards (Twig) doesn't seem to gain XP at all.
  8. Experimental keeps crashing at the beginning of Threekwa's fight for me. Sent in a few error reports. I had the same happening in the Experiment when fighting Threekwa.
  9. Guide

    You can always ask some questions here I'm happy to help you out.
  10. Thanks for posting, never seen it before, that boon is insane though man. Imagine how trolled you'd feel if you went Combo deck when you get it lol.
  11. In the Compendium under Item cards I found some unreleased cards regarding pets: - Courage Crunch: Heal your pet 8 and give them 2 Power. Expend - Sic'em!: Order your pet to take their action and prepare a new one. Expend No idea what the last card does though. I noticed there are quite alot of item cards in the Compendium we haven't seen ingame yet. Wonder if they will be released for the latter part of Rook's campaign or if it's for the new character already.
  12. These aren't the main boons (i'll let pacovf add those when he has time) but there are 2 quite specific ones that you can unlock through Rook's campaign: When you get the event where you meet Sal, you can get the social boon from Sparky & Jeol if you decide to help them in battle. Sparky's boon = System shock "If you didn't attack last turn, gain 2 temporary Power". Jeol's boon = Drone Mastery "Allied mechs have 10 additional max health".
  13. Rook the walking arsenal.

    Were there any Rise characters left in the game?
  14. Yeah a debuff deck sounds really fun but hard to accomplish with their rarity as you said. "Affliction" isn't really a card afaik in the game it's more like an umbrella term to describe the pool of cards that are available when you cast Psionic Storm (yeah its confusing). All you need to do is play Psionic Storm and then it will insert either 3 (no upgrade) or 5 (boosted) debuff cards to your draw pile from said 'Affliction" Pool (Current, Melt, Riptide, Shear, Twist, Wave, Whirl). When they are drawn into your hand they are automatically applied to a random enemy. They Replenish and don't expend/destroy they stay in your deck for the rest of the battle.
  15. Found another pretty cool one I hadn't seen yet. It's similar to the Admiralty one I posted before. It stems from a random event and goes into a fixed one. For this one you need to save the Cobbledog from the Vroc. Then I'm guessing the event triggers once your Cobbledog gets to a low %HP. In my instance he had 2HP. Then you get something like this: You get a nice Item card and a decent amount of Shills. Very cool and efficient event imo.