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Horsey's ONI Fanmart thread

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watermelen671    19411
On 3/12/2020 at 7:55 AM, HorseyTheYes said:

Ren thought the many limbed creature was offering a hug...

I see another believer of the "dupes are smol" head-canon that MF99K pioneered. :wilson_ecstatic:

On 2/27/2020 at 10:28 AM, Xenologist said:

Paste that on the datamining thread, see what melen thinks of that!


I've seen it, and now I'm personally hunting down Horsey to make them pay for their sins.

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minespatch    83486
18 hours ago, HorseyTheYes said:

20200402_135040.thumb.jpg.6c7c5797b2ce6c8d872397b788521a60.jpgAlso, I'm continuing the headcannon that Ari is a disgusting weeb

Well, she's canonically a stickerbomber, so probably.:wilson_sneaky:

15 hours ago, HorseyTheYes said:
  1. 20200402_161328.thumb.jpg.9156d77c9d46abf1fa7e6a33acd11842.jpgbehold, ma dupesona, their name is paptrisha 20200402_164036.thumb.jpg.3603834f9ab074473c703dc032c45735.jpg
  2. 20200402_164019.thumb.jpg.25d4cc1d587c2e2b97697999962e3eb8.jpg20200402_164054.thumb.jpg.f5b4a123933038db2eb16a8934811ce2.jpg
  1. Your dupesona is adoooorbs.

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