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Auto-Rockets (Landing and Launching Without Meteor Showers)

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Hello everyone, and here is my setup to launch and land rockets only while there are no meteor showers. I was inspired by @Saturnus and his meteor cycle clock of which I have built my own desing. I also improved the scanner network with the recommandations from @Angpaur in @ruhrohraggy's post. I show how to setup the sensors, the automation and the water clock which will control the opening in which the rocket can launch. I also present how to setup a clock for the planet's replenishement rate and a clock which will open the bunker doors in time.

Useful link and spreadsheet:

@ruhrohraggy's scanner setup:


Spreadsheet for timings:


Here is the video explaining it:

If you have any questions, see any flaws or design improvements either comment on the video or in this post.

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13 hours ago, nivodeus said:

is this a design or something? i would love to see it, or am I missing something here? :confused:

It is just a silo that can stay open forever without suffering damage. My best design so far is the one below. The doors on top get closed only when I do re-engineering on the rocket.


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