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  1. I would really like to see that one it sounds interesting.
  2. But it is really difficult to transform chlorine to bleach stone through pufts becaue you need a puft prince and the chance of getting a new squeaky puft isn't 100%.
  3. @Lifegrow Yes, it helped quite a bit actually because if I would do the natural tiles the other way it would be very long. Also, I won't use a metal refinery because I plan on boiling crude oil to petroleum which will give me the heat to create the tiles.
  4. From the bases I've seen so far on the forum and on the discord. Oh really nice I didn't know that thank you. I'm about to create the tiles and you came at the right moment.
  5. I plan on doing wild plants late game so it won't be a problem. I don't care about the space requirements because I will plant them under my solar panels. Temperature control something which stays cold isn't difficult. You can use algae and a glass forge to make natural tiles by letting the molten glass fall on chunks of algae to create dirt. For me they plant more than three seeds per cycle it's more like 10 or so. The wild plants ca be planted with pips and you can build your farm everywhere and it's better because your dupes do nothing. You can let the plants harvest themselves and sweep the food with an auto sweeper to deliver it automatically to your kitchen.
  6. After watching many people's bases in the launch upgrade I see almost nobody using wild plants and I wonder why. You only need 21 waterweeds, 51 sleet wheat and some shove voles to supply food to a 20 duplicant base feeding them frost burgers with no dupe time being used except for the shove voles. It's even quite easy to setup, you just need one pip and you let the the plants harvest themselves. When they drop their harvest you can sweep everything up with an auto-sweeper and deliver it to your kitchen automatically.
  7. I had the map I wanted to play on deleted. I wonder if the geyser information was correct and only the map visualisation affected by this bug. Here is all the information from that map:
  8. [Game Update] - 326830

    Yay! I will finally be able to upgrade my 1500 cycles world to QOL3!