Mr. Aqua

What ever happened to Billy and Mumsy?

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Mr. Aqua    4

This is a question that just came to me now. I was thinking about and realized... Well, we never figured out what happened to them. Are they trapped in the Constant with the survivors? Or are they stick travelling through different portals? Now, I have been living under a rock for the past few months and may have missed something. But as far as I know, the answer what never said. What most likely happened?

Note: I am a bit new to the forums, so I'm not how it works entirely. :p

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kiwikenobi    579

I assumed that the Survivors and Mumsy and Billy all went through the portal they opened up by winning the Gnaw's favor and arrived in the setting for the third event. Which hasn't happened yet and may not ever happen. But that was my assumption, based on the implication that the Survivors went straight from the Forge to the Gorge, which might not even actually be the case. That was just how it seemed to me.

So, in short, we don't know what happened to Mumsy and Billy yet, but probably it's the same thing that happened to the Survivors when they left the Gorge.

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minespatch    60,589
4 hours ago, Dr. Safety said:

has a forging hammer and a forge banner fall out of the portal as shown here: 

I didn't notice those details until you pointed out.

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