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How do you make the phase changes stop

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This drives me absolutely batty. I have some high priority bins set up for collecting ice, and this also really confuses the hell out of my dupes.

This has also happened in my smokestack builds with a tiny amount of CO2 constantly changing phases inside my cold tank. Not cool.


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If you use a tempshift plate it should help stabilize this ice and allow you to pick it up.

Or even better if it works, a mesh tile, when the water freezes, ice should go on top of the mesh tile and be stable, airflow tile would guarantee vacuum insulation.

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Solid-solid temperature interactions are orders of magnitude faster than solid-liquid ones. Water is cooled by polluted water, turns to ice, ice heats quickly from tiles, turns back to water.

You need to cool the tiles below. The tiles won't cool themselves down, at least not quickly, because solid-gas interactions are much faster than solid-liquid ones.

Build some tempshift plates touching the insulated tiles from inside the tank.

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