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So on my new wolrd i found a huge graveyard.Has any one else found 8 gravestones in an area? I think it also has a relevance to large amounts of spider nests.This graveyard had about 4-6 spider nests around it.This can also happen with rocks or gold where there's gold lying around but lots of nest.

Update: found a bug, some gravestones don't have a gravestone but still a spot to dig.Found out there's about 14 graves in the area and about 7-9 nests

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Ye, since the map generation is andom this happens from time to time. Graveyards of that size are not so uncommon. I usually have one almost on every map. But to get a graveyard and a spider den in the same location is more uncommon.

Once, I hade Spider den, Graveyard, Beefalo herd and mandrakes all in one spot :p

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