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  1. I haven't had any issues exploring. Build as many fires as you want, it doesn't hurt anything. Make 2 or 3 day trips away from home and check out what's out there!
  2. I don't really know what you mean, but, seeds restore what, 4 (?) hunger? And what they grow restores a lot more. I think it's a fair investment.
  3. What if it kept growing until you tripped over it a like stage 5 or 6.
  4. Armless jawless zombie pack-mules!
  5. Isn't this already in game? I finally shaved after 20ish days and got 9 clippings and his beard was super long.
  6. I like the superdark. Maybe fires could have a larger more gradually fading radius, but it's definitely fitting for the whole death by grue thing. It's scary to be caught in it.
  7. Would seem pretty cool if dying left a grave for your next restart to find. Maybe with info on the death on the headstone, and maybe something to dig up, with increasing quality based on how long you lived?
  8. I just found this bug too and was headed here to post about. Not only that but they won't burn again.
  9. 1: I attacked a group of pig men and they killed me very quickly. 2: I tried to kill off a group of 6 ish spiders by hit and run, but got hit by 3-4 of them at once and died very quickly. 3: I saw some werepigs for the first time and they were fighting each other. Instead of leaving I watched and one of them saw me and started to chase. I ran until it got dark and he was still right behind me (swinging but missing when he caught up). I died trying to make a fire to pass the night running in circles around it. 4: Almost died when a tentacle popped up out of nowhere in the swamp and hit me hard. Scary stuff. Still alive day 22.
  10. Seems normal. My map has 2 huge graveyards with ~10 dig spots (4 were ghosts in one of em), and several other single graves. Also, I don't know if stone-less graves are a bug.
  11. Could left and right clicking each perform different functions? For example, left clicking could always be move/pick up/examine, and right click always be a use tool/attack. Could be useful for some things, like picking berries/grass/saplings when a shovel is equipped or picking up logs near other trees while an ax is equipped.
  12. Sure, like planks or cut stone could leave the menu open, but science machines or whatever could close it.
  13. Right, I'm pretty sure it's always safe to assume that a player clicking on a space where there is both a tree stump and a log, that they want to pick up the log and not examine the tree stump.
  14. Couple things I noticed about the interface: 1: Picking up items or interacting with objects/enemies can be sluggish. It would be nice if interactable objects took precedence over examinable objects. I.e. clicking a stack of items near a tree stump or rabbit hole doesn't examine the stump or hole, but picks up the items first. 2: Crafting something shouldn't close the crafting menu. It would be nice to be able to have the menu still open after crafting one item.