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So I've been doing a few Don't Starve pieces, and I recently learnt of this subforum. So, here we go!


Wes, Wormwood, and WX-78, as a magical girl trio. 


Wilba triumphant portrait. Because I love Wilba so darn much


Started drawing DS fanart from getting ideas when watching MisutoM on Twitch Stream. He is the moleworms friend.

I'll add more whenever I've done more fanart but this is it for now ^^

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21 hours ago, minespatch said:

Wow! You're thinking ahead for skins that I never even though of. Triumphant Wilba looks on point, love the green gem in her bow.

Are you planning on doing a avatar for yourself?

I probably will eventually. I normally just take these fanart pieces when I get the compulsion to do so to take a break from my bigger projects. And I love imagining new skins. 


7 hours ago, -Variant said:

Love, love, love!!! Ah!! 

Thank you! <3 

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So made a second Magical Girl Pic!


Next up, once I have time, is gonna be the monster squad

Edit: Also, I would like to notify people that I draw these while streaming on Twitch (Unless I'm animating my Minerva Mink AMV or doing other art projects), so if you ever want to sit and discuss lore or headcanons, join me! I love just having the company

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Wanted to edit a note that I felt was unnecessary to make as a separate comment
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