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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

Here are fixes based on the feedback and reports we got this past weekend. The experimental updates will be primarily fixes until this week's stable release on Thursday.

  • Remove hover_check on ArgumentContainer so that it doesn't interfere with graft tooltips.
  • Rename intimidated social graft to Bully; we already have intimidated.
  • Spawn agents on demand from the regional population if 3-fingers doesn't have enough candidates.
  • 3-fingers shouldn't choose people that already hate you.
  • Don't show expend anim from discard/draw piles if the battle is already over.
  • Fix order that the inker widget removes itself from the FE and its dissolve update to prevent odd frozen backgrounds when running away from battle.
  • Fix stuck card-choice panel when playing cynotrainer_plus2 on spare_blades (or any card that deals more card).
  • Fix dead_draw crashing when resolving one of the drawn cards.
  • Fix Consideration desc lacking Expend.
  • Fix caprice filter so it doesn't include cards from other series, and doesn't include itself.
  • Fix negotiated price shown in mercenary offer dialog to take into account opinion modifiers.
  • Fix Animosity not reducing itself properly.
  • Fix conditions marked as TARGET_TYPE.FRIENDLY_OR_SELF not applying to self if the target is an enemy.
  • Frisk can be 0 cost in all decks for purposes of Swift Rebuttal.
  • Weight the shroog much higher than the shrooglet so that ally AI will attack it more often.  

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Doesn't see it mentioned so here's a bug report: random event tag-along team-mate (friend) doesn't leave your side and persist till the end of current game.

Also since it doesn't deserve a whole thread... do people find the game volume a bit on the quiet side? I wish I could turn up the volume to like 200% or 300% for the game.

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  • Developer
14 hours ago, SoM said:

Also since it doesn't deserve a whole thread... do people find the game volume a bit on the quiet side? I wish I could turn up the volume to like 200% or 300% for the game.

Hmmm. Sounds right on our end. Can you submit an in-game F8 feedback about that the next time you're playing? Your log will tell us what your audio settings are.

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  • Developer

Not making a new post for it, but there's a new experimental build on the way with the following fixes: 


Added glows to road shrine.
Added new particles and small fx to road shrine.
Outpost lighting revs.
Revised Shroog convo positioning.
Choose a random skin_tone if a head doesn't define one.  Human heads are required to do so, but generic heads like head_bandit_mask_01 may apply to any species including humans.
Ignore retired agents returned by collect_agent_locations.
Fix crash for buster when conditions are removed without a source.
ai_drunk should not be shown as a dealt card.
Add separate destroy anims for cards that are Consumed vs Expended.
status_bleed Expends, rather than Consumes, because it doesn't go in your deck.
triage expends bleed cards, instead of Consuming them.
Hook up hesh priest unique head.
Added bottom shelf and top shelf graft icons.
Added the hesh_greeting emote.
Fix makeshift_dagger not applying wound. Makeshift indeed.
Fix dialog for foraging_chemist event.
Fix Sparring and Intimidated applying their bonus to the opponent negotiator.
Following Feint will no longer decay by playing a non-attack card.
Added oil rig moving parts and flags and more trees.

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  • Developer

...And some more fixes:

  • Fix multiple anchors yielding permanent power.
  • Add {POWER} keyword to hanbis_power_supply
  • Fix heshian_amulet only giving health equal to the number of discarded cards, not their combined cost.
  • Fix "stuck" hit result anim when countering.  This *mightconflict with r347250, but trying to repro with rasmus doesn't yield any issues, so going with this for now.
  • Add STATUS flag to status_pinned.  This ensures it itself cannot be pinned.  (Should probably be a STATUS regardless.)
  • If there is no available card to pin, the Pinned card should not actually be added.
  • bile_grenade should NotifyTriggered before doing stuff for clarity.
  • nil-check engine in case Card is destroyed during processing (eg. bile_grenade killing player)
  • Hide intimidated (bully) combat condition; texture doesn't exist and we show the graft so it's not really necessary.  Sparring already hides its condition.
  • Remove EXPEND flag off jakes_triage so it doesn't appear in the trash.
  • Non Sequitor only applies to cards in hand.
  • Fix plurality on acidic_slime description.
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