[Game Update] - 360773

Release Date: 08/19/19

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are fixes based on the feedback and reports we got this past weekend. The experimental updates will be primarily fixes until this week's stable release on Thursday.

  • Remove hover_check on ArgumentContainer so that it doesn't interfere with graft tooltips.
  • Rename intimidated social graft to Bully; we already have intimidated.
  • Spawn agents on demand from the regional population if 3-fingers doesn't have enough candidates.
  • 3-fingers shouldn't choose people that already hate you.
  • Don't show expend anim from discard/draw piles if the battle is already over.
  • Fix order that the inker widget removes itself from the FE and its dissolve update to prevent odd frozen backgrounds when running away from battle.
  • Fix stuck card-choice panel when playing cynotrainer_plus2 on spare_blades (or any card that deals more card).
  • Fix dead_draw crashing when resolving one of the drawn cards.
  • Fix Consideration desc lacking Expend.
  • Fix caprice filter so it doesn't include cards from other series, and doesn't include itself.
  • Fix negotiated price shown in mercenary offer dialog to take into account opinion modifiers.
  • Fix Animosity not reducing itself properly.
  • Fix conditions marked as TARGET_TYPE.FRIENDLY_OR_SELF not applying to self if the target is an enemy.
  • Frisk can be 0 cost in all decks for purposes of Swift Rebuttal.
  • Weight the shroog much higher than the shrooglet so that ally AI will attack it more often.  

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