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  1. I'll throw in my 2 cents: Rook's negotiation deck looks terrible for a new player. You get tons of "do nothing/do little" + "do something when specific coin face" cards when you first set out, especially the Snail route where several combo mechanics don't exactly support each other (like discard). You don't get to have a consistent discard/draw going on until you get the extra coin/grafts (and there's 0 foreshadowing), which then totally swings the balance to the other side because there's tons of sources for them. As a result Rook's negotiation feels like supported by outside elements instead of a good deck. The deck itself is always a bit chaotic and negotiations could feel a bit overwhelming due to random damage effects and unskippable coin tosses etc. Also some of the conditions and effects look similar to each other but works differently (current coinface/toss and check etc.), making them harder to memorize. Many staple cards have conditions that after a while you could forget about/overlook and that's not a very good feeling when it happens. I'm fine with these things after playing a few times but I could definitely see people not warming up to it or straight-out dislike it.
  2. What would you guys think if Graft upgrades is manual and uses a collected pool of resources (could still be number of combats and negotiations) instead of being automatic? Make it more like an investment instead of guaranteed power increase based on the time you get them. Heck, I'd be fine if the only way to get graft upgrades is through specific quest rewards (or if you skip a graft reward you get 1 upgrade point or something).
  3. I always feel card-draw upgrades are too strong (mainly because 1 card -> 2 cards is pretty insane). And on upgrades in general, I understand it adds another layer of player growth, but most of them are just changing numbers and it further devalues grafts that don't have them.
  4. New Character DIscussion

    Coin is great, and most curiously there's a separate Pistols section too. Considering the cards we've seen so far, and the default Pistols already looked strong (well things can change), anything new will probably be super strong.
  5. Chose to convince them the first time and just get some shills. Decided to go alone the second time and found the Belly Flop thing. Would not recommend. It gives you a 1 cost battle card called Carapace Fragment that gives you 5 Slated Carapace and Destroy.
  6. Random event: Coming across a plant you recognized from a book, but don't know which part is edible. Leaves: +5 Resolve, Horrible Rash (1 cost Negotiation Status card. When drawn get 1 Flustered. Expend.) Berries: +5 HP, Horrible Rash Flowers: +5 Resolve, Horrible Rash Leave without tasting it: Nothing happens. Kinda weird that two options are the same. Meh.
  7. Also: Coin Toss guy is hilarious in Rook's route. You can get his Weighted Coin which is 90% Heads but no other abilities.
  8. Has someone succeeded in upgrading the Deep Bog card before the second event? I didn't know it'll be so quick (considering there's only two days I should have realized earlier), and it only counts in-battle exp. btw it gives you a card that doubles Panic threshold on the enemy. On Enforcer event: I selected FOLLOW while having a pet and it just says error. Might be random or related.
  9. Browbeat seems to target randomly.
  10. Pets (Flead and Shroog at least) start talking in Negotiations.
  11. > Don't show "high threat" boss difficulty UI in the team preview portrait, if the agent is on the player team. I do enjoy seeing that each time with my Shroog. They are cute.
  12. That much difference behind a relationship of a random character you are not guaranteed to meet (or is she a guaranteed spawn now?) sounds bad in design. I'd much rather have it be a choice in the beginning, e.g. something like starter bonus or bonus for each day - you can choose to have reward negotiation on Day 1, or another bonus and the function will unlock on Day 2, something like that.
  13. On one hand they are incredibly strong on their own. (really Sparring is kinda insane) On the other hand it's not that nice to have allies/rivals that does nothing.
  14. Doesn't see it mentioned so here's a bug report: random event tag-along team-mate (friend) doesn't leave your side and persist till the end of current game. Also since it doesn't deserve a whole thread... do people find the game volume a bit on the quiet side? I wish I could turn up the volume to like 200% or 300% for the game.
  15. yeah, you think when I run away I wouldn't be carrying my pet in my arms? Jokes aside trained pet really should stick with you, or maybe it's already re-findable.