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  1. Pets (Flead and Shroog at least) start talking in Negotiations.
  2. > Don't show "high threat" boss difficulty UI in the team preview portrait, if the agent is on the player team. I do enjoy seeing that each time with my Shroog. They are cute.
  3. That much difference behind a relationship of a random character you are not guaranteed to meet (or is she a guaranteed spawn now?) sounds bad in design. I'd much rather have it be a choice in the beginning, e.g. something like starter bonus or bonus for each day - you can choose to have reward negotiation on Day 1, or another bonus and the function will unlock on Day 2, something like that.
  4. On one hand they are incredibly strong on their own. (really Sparring is kinda insane) On the other hand it's not that nice to have allies/rivals that does nothing.
  5. Doesn't see it mentioned so here's a bug report: random event tag-along team-mate (friend) doesn't leave your side and persist till the end of current game. Also since it doesn't deserve a whole thread... do people find the game volume a bit on the quiet side? I wish I could turn up the volume to like 200% or 300% for the game.
  6. yeah, you think when I run away I wouldn't be carrying my pet in my arms? Jokes aside trained pet really should stick with you, or maybe it's already re-findable.
  7. I hope we get cowardly/cautious personality Negotiation cards from running away (Non-confrontational - when in hand, Diplomacy card gains more Composure, Hostility cards either deal less damage or cost more or can only be played once etc.). Also maybe a few cards that facilitates a running-away/making peace meta (maybe items like Smoke Bomb, or lump of meat to distract wild animals).
  8. Slack is basically a professional-setting discord. Guess they forgot to upload the image on public sites
  9. I'm now actually half wanting card experience to just be 1 battle for each card (or so long as you used it once you get 1 experience) and maybe some extra to distribute. The reason being with current fatigue (which pretty much means what the devs envision to be an ideal/normal combat experience) you are already unlikely to play cards more than 2 times, and those that can be played more than that are usually gimmick ones (0 cost or can return to your hand etc.) The balance can be done by redoing required level to upgrade, which is already different for various reasons. This way you have a more organic deck, and don't have to worry about wasting exp points too much. New cards already have existing exp progress so I don't think it'd be a big problem. I don't think it'll actually make the game too casual or something, because the end result isn't much different (if we go with the "use it at least once to have 1 exp, and have extra points to distribute depending on combat difficulty/significance"). Would mean redoing the whole exp system though.
  10. Speaking of merchant-related random event: Maybe don't spawn the 200-shill merchant as the first or second encounter so you have a chance to actually pay for it? I mean I robbed her every single time but still...
  11. For those like farming/grinding and getting op: yeah it could be fun (why would it not), but if it's the only way for you to have fun, then that means not farming/grinding/getting op is unfun, and the devs have to make choice between the two.