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  1. That much difference behind a relationship of a random character you are not guaranteed to meet (or is she a guaranteed spawn now?) sounds bad in design. I'd much rather have it be a choice in the beginning, e.g. something like starter bonus or bonus for each day - you can choose to have reward negotiation on Day 1, or another bonus and the function will unlock on Day 2, something like that.
  2. Doubt is probably the one thing that enemies have absolutely zero counters to in the game. I had run with 3 Seeds of Doubt and it was already quite strong (you probably don't need more since they don't exhaust anyway) without combos like Duplicity/Deceive/Exploit Weakness. Purple has quite a few strong Composure options (and Bait) so it's definitely doable. Drain Resolve is also pretty useful especially early on.
  3. I don't think most Klei games have multiple languages supported, but that could change? (Mark of the Ninja Remastered seem to have the usual 9 supported languages) Regardless they'll likely want to wait until the contents are final before committing to localization, and it will be a huge undertaking because of how many words there are in the game. No use translating it while cards and mechanics are in constant change.
  4. On one hand they are incredibly strong on their own. (really Sparring is kinda insane) On the other hand it's not that nice to have allies/rivals that does nothing.
  5. Doesn't see it mentioned so here's a bug report: random event tag-along team-mate (friend) doesn't leave your side and persist till the end of current game. Also since it doesn't deserve a whole thread... do people find the game volume a bit on the quiet side? I wish I could turn up the volume to like 200% or 300% for the game.
  6. As you are likely to find a full set of Grafts and tailor your deck along the way, I've found challenge quests to lose their appeal very fast. Either the reward should have some variance (The few ones I've seen so far all give grafts), or skipping grafts should give more than 10 coins, or maybe you should be able to preview the graft rewards before accepting the mission. (Not sure if any of those is already the case since I no longer accept the quests). Similarly, saving a character that already loves you should probably give some extra reward? I still save them every time though.
  7. Save File Location?

    My Documents\Klei There will be a "Griftlands" folder, and the experiment branch will be in a "Griftlands_testing" folder, within which there will be a folder consisting of a long string of characters. I suggest running the experiment version once so it gets generated. Afterwards you can copy the files.
  8. yeah, you think when I run away I wouldn't be carrying my pet in my arms? Jokes aside trained pet really should stick with you, or maybe it's already re-findable.
  9. That would be great, but it's a very weird flavor choice if each characters have their own cards but the cards portray other characters. Like if Sal has cards that feature the flight helmet guy but those cards aren't available to him at all.
  10. Now, this is definitely not a criticism of the game - more of a speculation based from my experience with the game so far. We have no idea how different the two new characters will be and how the story will go, and this might just be some fatigue with playing Sal (in an incomplete campaign no less) over and over again. So in today's patch notes I read "Foreman support gives you an opening action instead of plain damage." and realized something: Almost every NPC in the game has their own thing based on job/race/etc., except for you. Sure, the game is all about deck building and getting grafts/pets and allies to mold, but it always starts with a super generic build (this is the unfair part, because we haven't see the other characters, so the starter Sal-specific cards just feels not very unique). We already know that most gainable cards will be universal - made apparent by the fact that all three characters feature on the card arts,(edit: this seems to be wrong - see Therlun's reply below for more info) so there's a feeling that new characters won't be very different: you will see the same selection of grafts (though if all three stories have to intertwine together in a big finale chapter, like in the 2017 trailer, you might not be able to get the same grafts in one combined "playthrough"), same selection of battle and negotiation cards, and most encounters will play out in more or less the same way. Of course, maybe Sal is the generic character to introduce the game to newer players and we'll see unique and more complex mechanisms in the other characters, but it's hard to believe so when there doesn't seem to be a focus on character-specific cards, items and interactions. It worries me a bit because the early game is the grindy-est and blandest part of the game, and if both new stories start with similar starter decks without much changes it will feel very generic. I actually don't have any suggestions to address this. Maybe there should be more character-specific stuff and you get to choose a few different cards in later playthroughs? I know Fssh already gives you some random options but it doesn't feel as impactful as Neow's blessings in Slay the Spire, simply because in StS each character has their own unique card library.
  11. Well that's part of their value: you don't have to use it. I have to disagree with the strength of the cards. Except for the +1 Power one (which is worse than one upgrade of Uppercut) most of the costly item cards are very much above the curve than your average cards. Grenades deal group damage or give debuffs that's akin to 4 or 5 cards, and 1 cost for 10 Health is very strong. There's an item card that gives you and all your allies ~30 defense and it's arguably the strongest defense card in the game.
  12. Cost are useful if you have cards that 1)give action/deal damage based on hand cost, and 2)set random card (either in hand or draw) cost to zero The discard synergy does feel a bit too strong, especially compared to Negotiation where there's no Replenish.
  13. I feel like that's an outlier because that card by itself reaches critical mass. Since cards in general are costly, spending at least 2 actions to do a combo/finisher means you are committing a lot to what those cards do instead of reacting to the situation. Like literally the first combo card you unlock (Cross) is 2 cost. You are not going to be able to draw and increase your chance of getting a Finisher card in your hand in most circumstances, and it's a terrible card on its own (2 cost for 3-6 damage). Plus, since the starter cards are terrible, you really want to have a few high value cards asap, and that usually means picking non-combo cards. In a sense, trying to construct a combo deck is like actively sabotaging your own chance of success.
  14. I hope we get cowardly/cautious personality Negotiation cards from running away (Non-confrontational - when in hand, Diplomacy card gains more Composure, Hostility cards either deal less damage or cost more or can only be played once etc.). Also maybe a few cards that facilitates a running-away/making peace meta (maybe items like Smoke Bomb, or lump of meat to distract wild animals).
  15. Slack is basically a professional-setting discord. Guess they forgot to upload the image on public sites