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Ideas not only for Warly, some for all too(my last two). My main reason is to decrease the RNG factor and dependence on others to get his full power faster and a bit more consistently through many worlds as I'm not into changing chars through Celestial Portal, mods and lingering for megabases. Even when you focus on building farms asap, random seeds are still too rng to rely on and a good deal of early exploration time to find Mac Tusk or ruins(both rng too) for speed boost is sacrificed in order to set that all up. 


- Pepper seasoning(chili flakes) gives 10% speed and damage boost

- One Warly's recipe with leafy meat for the fun

- One or two wild garlic and pepper randomly spawning in the world, maybe one of them more likely in the caves. 

- Scaled furnace let crops grow very close to it in winter and wilt faster in summer.


I tried not to give op ideas, but I can be missing something I havent seen, so please tell me.


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I have mix feeling towards these ideas, so I'm going to bullet point each one:

  • Giving pepper seasoning movespeed is more busted then the flat dmg mult it currently gives, the seasoning is fine as it is.
  • Leafy meat really does need a recipe for it, atm its just useless.
  • Wild garlic would be nice, but wild pepper is a fat no, maybe wild onions? those are a thing!
  • Dunno bout this one, for one thing, crops aren't meant to grow in winter, on the other, scaled furnace don't do much...

Overall, warly's gameplay is fine, even though its on the harder end of the scale.

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14 minutes ago, Fill-Lips said:


  • Wild garlic would be nice, but wild pepper is a fat no, maybe wild onions? those are a thing!

Onions feel like they're really hard to get without a wormwood, and very rare with one.  Considering you need onions for a lot of warly's recipes I feel like it should be easier to at least start farming onions, but not too easy as that would make it easy to make recipes like from galette and bone soup, which are too good to be mass produced easily.

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