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Time to change some mobs in amphibious creatures, eh ?

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Hi everyone. I was playing on my server just 30 minutes earlier, it was winter...

And you know what the most amazing thing during Winter ? Finding a group of Pengulls coming straight from the hella floor yelling "WAAAH".

I love this. Truly. But I guess something could be even more lovely :

Moar amphibious creatures PLZ


Imagine just an instant : New smarter behaviours from some creatures that involve water interactions !

I'll keep the Pengulls for now as a nice exemple, making them amphibious should fix that messy spawn location for first, launching them from water and they'll go to their home location, the Pengull herd could have a hunger component and if it is low, they will go in water to find fish (with not ant-shovies btw?) and bring them on land so they'll go happy and make eggs for a good reason. Sounds like a neat ocean-land adventure to me !



I had to


Okay so that's a first exemple. But there is more that could be as good than this one. Like... frogs ? You know ? Tadpoles ? All this stuff ? An absolute nightmare.


Not convinced yet ? Don't you want tallbirds with just the eyeball (eye-beak?) floating above the surface ? So they can still get their damn eggs back even if you go on the boat.


Okay a last one. I think it's kinda odd that dropped Slurpers are stuck for eternity on Boats, they can jump, so why? ... It's animal abuse ! Oh and I'm not only saying that they could only JUMP off the boats... I'm saying that they'll could turn in some kind of a motorboat rolling on the surface of course :wilson_lightbulb:


(that could be a pretty advanced sailing device if you bring them back on the surface (how did I ended with this?))


So well, I'll stop right here and go back playing with these so unaquatic Pengulls. But don't you have any other interesting concepts ?

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