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Warly's name origin

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I was curious what Warly's name means, so I tried looking it up... And I couldn't find anything. Did Klei just make up a new name? Or is it a diminutive for some other name that I couldn't find? The closest name I could find was Warlin, but the name site that I found it on had no information on it. No country of origin, no meaning, nothing. I suppose it's possible that Warly is a nickname for some other name that isn't similar enough for me to find without already knowing what it is, like Hank for Henry or Peggy for Margaret, but I don't know what it is.

The only other thing I could find is that perhaps Warly is an adverb of "war," so, it would mean something like "in a warlike way," but Warly is so caring and friendly that it doesn't seem like a good fit, unless it's meant to be an ironic name or something.

Or maybe there's some pun that I'm missing. I've certainly done that before. ^o^;>

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