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Determining Geyser/Vent type without digging it up

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I havent been active on posting here and I'm not sure If someone already posted this but still...

Even before Launch update, we cant build on top of the geyser/vent so a quick easy way to determine if youll get a volcano, geyser, or vent is simply by trying to build on it and see which part you cant be build upon, here are some sample...

If you cant build in far right of the neutronium base, then its volcano
If you cant build on the 2 center tiles of the neutronuim base then you got a vent
If you cant build on the whole neutronium base its a geyser

its only to determine if you got a volcano, geyser or vent, at least using this you wont be surprise anymore by a dupe being burned down to ashes as he dig through that volcano.

annnddd yeah, thats it




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6 minutes ago, Loscil2 said:

Cheesy? Sure.

Gauda? Emmentaler? Gorgonzola? Well, does not matter, all cheese is equal(ly tasty)~


In any event, yeah, both are neat tricks but why ruin a surprise like that when you could use the injury to save oxygen?

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10 minutes ago, SixbySix said:

Just dig two tiles horizontally above the nutronium.  You can see the vent but it won't release anything.



I always thought there is a center tile that would trigger activation, that is 2 tile up and left from the left of neutronium? I usually just dig 4 tile either from left side or right side and it should then allow me to open the tooltip of what volcano it is. 

to Op, do you mean can or cant. I know that for metal volcano you can always build on top of the most right neutronium tile. At least that's how I always enclose my volcano. 

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