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Thoughts on applying 'Quality of Life' mods into the game?

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Some mods that I used improves the game experience by a lot and they feels like a 'fix' to the game, so why not apply it to the game to allow non-modders to enjoy it too?

The mods that I think is good:

  • Minimap
  • Gesture Wheel
  • Bunny Trap Reset
  • Quick Drop item
  • Less Placement Blocking
  • Realistic Placement? (not about allowing structures to be built close together but to remove the need of building ice box first before crock pots to build them closer.)
  • Geometric Placement? (at least snaps placement to grids like walls do.)
  • Epic Healthbar? (I don't know, the first time I saw the mod on a video I thought it was officially in the game.)

Thoughts? Any other mods you like to see in the game? Or do you hate mods?

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2 minutes ago, Prajdo said:

Gesture Wheel and Instant Drop I agree. Others should stay as mods. Especially Minimap. I don't want it in my game.

You can close the minimap while ingame if you don't want it.

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