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The epicness of the world?

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How epic can Klei make the world epic, without loosing it's aesthetics?

When i'm talking about epic, i'm pointing to the "Heck yeah, i can stand watching this for a while"

A gigantic sea creature?

A gigantic stranded pirate ship stranded?

A volcanic explosion were it's raining clumps of lava and rocks while the screen is shaking like crazy?

A big wave that leaves trees shattered?

A really good story element that twists everything around? (prisoner on that island for what you had done in the past?)

A Invasion of tentacles which came outside the swamp?

A Old man which gives you a quest, to get him some flowers, in this abandoned bastion of hope?

A meteor storm?

Some northern lights?

Some ghost of another player who died?

Some gigantic colossus bird or leviathan which roams over you, making you stand in a shadow for some seconds?

Some keys to a hidden gate to the deadlands?

An epic sunrise?

An magic flying apple which makes everything wobbly?

An arcane scroll which turns you into a spider, making everything good seem hostile?

An big war between munkeys and birdmen?

Here's some art i made in 30 minutes, these all have some "epicness" to them. It's about colors, contrast, scale, etc.


Big -> CLICK ME!

Klei, don't fail on us.


- Olav (@Cellusious)

- - - Updated - - -

And, don't worry, this topic should not give anyone nightmares. :3

//except klei who has to "stand and deliver";

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A big old wise tree of randomness **** happening.

The tree gives you a question to answer.

Like, "What is more then 3 gold nuggets?" and the right answer is to just give the tree 4 things of anything.

Then the rewards goes like "You are indeed clever, here have a ***" and you will get random thing of value, maybe even chance for something unique

or "Mr wiseguy ey? Have at it!" and a swarm of bees attacks you.

The tree moves around each night so it will never be in the same place twice in a row.

Maybe not even a tree but a TV, obey the TV!

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Nothing is impossible;

The topdown view actually makes stuff falling from the sky much more epic.

Also, did i mention that;

what if one of the graves was the skeleton kings grave?

and it quickly swarms your whole screen with 100 skeletons if you dig it up? RUN OR FIGHT WILSONARTACUS!

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I'm with the fair Lady on this one. Some excellent ideas, but that one that grabs me by the beard hairs and won't let go is that tree. Be cool to have another NPC to interact with that was capable of producing multisyllabic phrases. Much as I love my pigmen, they aren't winning... Well, many contests at all really.

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Can we have so that crows got a really small chance to drop something shiney to as you scare them off? Just feels like they should have it sometimes insted of just seed all the time

( My bad if they allready do, havent scared that many crows tbh ^^' )

Edit: or that crows steals from you, like if you mine and dont pick up gold or flint pretty quickly there is a chance that a crow dives down and steals one of them :D Just to give the players a mob to hate ^^

Edit 2: Dont wanna spam so just gonna edit this one again...

-A gigantic stranded pirate ship stranded?

If we can make it our new home, YES!

-A really good story element that twists everything around?

Twist it so there is alot of open gaps in the story for alot of theorycrafting :D

-Some ghost of another player who died?

Maybe even our old player if we make a new on the same isle? Zombie?

-Some keys to a hidden gate to the deadlands?

Sounds like danger, need more weapons!

-An epic sunrise?

Or maybe some moonshine during fulmoon? Maybe even "catch the moon" with a fishing rod to the reflection of the moon in the water. This game is strange after all!

-An arcane scroll which turns you into a spider, making everything good seem hostile?

Twist everything like in The Legend of Zelda on NES when you turned in to a pig and every enemy got changed :D

-An big war between munkeys and birdmen?

And maybe one side asks us to join with a suttle "we are gonna go for a walk and pick some bananas, wanna join?" .... "CHARGE!"

( Lots of great ideas here )

Allso I feel like the fire should be alive, like there is an ent that attack every now and then, what about if someone overfeds the fire, like 2-3 times over the cap a fire spirit will awaken and starts attacking you or anything that is near?

Really hard to kill but drops a fireheart after witch is worth 500 researchpoints? BOSSFIGHT!

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I don't want to sound like a critique monstar..... Don't Starve's world is a bit of a puzzle which doesn't really fit together, and the world isn't interesting and engaging as it is. It's still just a bit of a puzzle, but the pieces which is there already, doesn't fit together. There is the need for one heck of a come back to complete the piece.

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In terms of the game lacking a story element, I find that the most intriguing part, it leaves it open to individual interpretation. Based on some of the graves having Wilson's name on it, and each death bringing you back to the same beginning, I postulated that Wilson is in fact dead, and is going through the same mundane and fruitless attempts at survival, staying 'alive' for as long as he can. The gravestones are actually markers of where he has died previously, and upon death, all memory of these previous incarnations are erased.

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I too hope for that scrumptiously gobsmacking curveball. Part of the reason I feel it might be some kind of punishment is due to his picture in the initial screens of the game, in which he is forcing a concoction down a chickens throat. As the game (as of this moment) lacks chickens, I think it's safe to assume that he has previously engaged in somewhat dubious experimentation upon animals, and as a result, his penance is to spend eternity on an island filled with nothing but animals which will obliterate him upon the slightest offence. Poetic justice ftw. As much as I like the theory, I fervently hope I'm wrong.

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