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  1. Day Four - Evening While on most nights the moon in this alien landscape seems to be impartial with its graces, it seemed that tonight it took exception, and bestowed undivided luminescence upon the glade in which I currently worked. I could have almost believed it to have been the omniscient eye of some god, withdrawing his gaze from his limitless dominion to focus solely on me. I imagined I could feel his focused, vitriolic stare penetrating a night sky filled with constellations foreign to my knowledge, to watch in revulsion at the act of sacrilege I was in the midst of perpetrating. An entertaining notion, however I myself have never subscribed to any religious doctrine, although I am acutely aware that regardless of fanciful religious notions, this act I perform is considered a most heinous breach of etiquette even on an everyday level. In a way however, I believe I'm entitled. After all, is it a sin to exhume ones own grave? I could only imagine how the scene would appear to a would-be observer - this strange, gaunt man, clothed in rags, his unshaven face set in a grim rictus of fevered concentration as he hastily thrust his makeshift spade repeatedly into the earth. Surely it was a sight to disturb any onlooker, this mockery of a man defiling the most sacred of grounds with a vigor that could only speak of an unknowable madness. These tattered rags were once the finest clothes I owned, however their condition now evoked no sentiment in me. I was beyond emotions now, I had almost wholly become a creature of instinct, of insatiable hunger and curiosity. No sound graced the night save for the rhythmical thump of the rudimentary spade biting deep into the earth, ensued by the staccato patter of the displaced dirt as it cascaded down the already overflowing refuse piles above. Eventually I hit upon a substance harder than the earth, and upon clearing one last thin layer of soil, I beheld an oblong wooden box, the smell of fresh pine it exuded giving testament to it's relatively recent construction. The box was devoid of ornamentation, or so I thought until I drew my torch down into the grave for a closer inspection. Grim forebodings stirred within me when I noticed that there was a word near the top of the box. Icy talons of dread gripped my heart when I realised the word which was carved into the pine box, in a rather neat copperplate hand, was in fact a name - 'Wilson'. My name. This box was my coffin. What's in the box? -Gizmo
  2. I too hope for that scrumptiously gobsmacking curveball. Part of the reason I feel it might be some kind of punishment is due to his picture in the initial screens of the game, in which he is forcing a concoction down a chickens throat. As the game (as of this moment) lacks chickens, I think it's safe to assume that he has previously engaged in somewhat dubious experimentation upon animals, and as a result, his penance is to spend eternity on an island filled with nothing but animals which will obliterate him upon the slightest offence. Poetic justice ftw. As much as I like the theory, I fervently hope I'm wrong.
  3. In terms of the game lacking a story element, I find that the most intriguing part, it leaves it open to individual interpretation. Based on some of the graves having Wilson's name on it, and each death bringing you back to the same beginning, I postulated that Wilson is in fact dead, and is going through the same mundane and fruitless attempts at survival, staying 'alive' for as long as he can. The gravestones are actually markers of where he has died previously, and upon death, all memory of these previous incarnations are erased.
  4. Terrible first try :3 Arachnophobia: Day Three: Morning: I awoke today in the grip of a horrendous chill, indeed my very bones seemed frozen so much so that I feared that I might break upon attempting to move. I had failed my nocturnal vigil yet again, and the fire it seemed, had died sometime Soon after. While I have yet to see anything other than the occasional bird overhead, or as previously noted, a strange jackalope type creature, the likes of which I had only seen in an overly enthusiastic taxidermy, I still worry that there are far worse creatures. In the distance I could swear I hear larger creatures, and I have seen evidence of beasts of such prodigious size that they trample the trees underfoot, but I have yet to encounter such a monumental entity, not that I am overly enthused to do so. Another breakfast of these horrendously bitter berries, the only seemingly edible vegetation this strange land has to offer. I must find something more substantial, I can feel my body weakening from hunger, but I must ration myself if I am to survive. Afternoon: I happened upon a most curious structure this afternoon. It was approximately twelve feet high, and appeared to be made of thick, ropy strands, which where in turn wrapped around what appeared to be a voluminous white rock. I would have approached it, as my curiousity was aroused, but the structure seemed to quiver, and I could locate no breeze to which I could attribute this strange, hypnotic swaying. However, upon realization of this, the wind did in fact pick up, seeming to come from the structure and wash over me, bringing with it a pungent smell of decay, and worse, a strange muttering. Could there be intelligent life here after all? I have decided to continue foraging for food, and camp within reasonable distance of the structure and begin my observations. Night: The structures mild swaying has given way to chaotically spasmodic throes. I quickly ripped up grass and tied it to one of the thinner sticks of kindling I had stockpiled for the night, then proceeded to ignite it in the fire. With this torch in hand, I approached the structure. My instincts told me to keep my distance, but the scientist within me had to know what was going on. I was close enough to touch the structure, and I could hear voices, yet not make out what they said. It sounded like english, and this gave me my first feelings of hope since I awoke on this strange land. I will not understand why, but this strange elation seemed to prompt me to reach out and touch the structure. As I touched it, the construct stilled completely, and the voices stopped. I withdrew my hand in sudden fear, yet part of the structure came with it. Panic quickly set in once I realized that it was in fact webbing. I am extremely arachnophobic. I started to walk backwards away from what I could only believe now to be a cocoon when suddenly all hell broke loose. Holes formed all over the cocoon, and horror of horrors, each hole proceeded to spew forth hundreds upon hundreds of what appeared to be spiders, but I have never seen spiders like this. They were easily the size of a small dog each, and when they turned to me, I saw in the flickering torchlight that the spiders bore human eyes upon their hideous, misshapen bodies. The nearest spiders ran straight towards me, and so shocked was I that I did not initially run, however upon reaching the outer area of luminance that my makeshift torch offered, the spiders recoiled and would not enter the light. The spiders bodies split open, and I caught a glimpse of strangely human mouths with hideously sharp teeth and a large, lolling forked tongue. The spiders hissed at me, but it wasn't until one of them said my name that I blanched in complete fear and ran for my life. I held no illusions about what would happen to me. I had been there so long that my fire had all but dwindled into nothingness, and so, trusting my torch, I ran for my life, pursued by this horrifying, chaotic swarm. As I dashed through the trees, it seemed the clattering of their carapace covered legs diminished, and so I believed myself to be outrunning them. I turned to see if I could catch a glimpse of them, however as I did so I stupidly tripped over a tree root and crashed in to something, dropping my torch as I did so. As the light of my torch starts to fade, I look to see what I have crashed in to, and my flesh breaks into goosebumps as I realize it's a headstone. I quickly stand and walk around to the front of the headstone, noting as I do that the grave is open, and take care to avoid falling into the pit. I give the headstone a quick inspection, and a quiet gasp of fear escapes my mouth. The headstone has my name on it. I whirl around and dive for the torch, determined to make good my escape from this chaos, and as I raise the torch I learn that I am completely surrounded by the spiders. I have nowhere left to run. The torch is failing me now, and as it's light diminishes, the spiders come closer. I fear I am doomed to die here. If anyone reads this, please run now, whi- First and foremost, if anyone should happen upon this journal, I can only offer my pity that you are here, in this obscure, hellish land. I have never kept a personal diary so to speak, as the experimentation notes in the first half of this book will attest to, however like any scientist worth his salt, experimentation and documentation are the two keystones to progress. Henceforth, this book shall be a personal recollection of my encounters and experiences in this strange land, as well as a chronicle of anything I can remember before awakening here. Upon the commencement of consciousness, I recall firstly the soft embrace of lush grass. I was lying face down in some form of field, and I struggled to remember what I had been doing there – was I fleeing the authorities? On the run from an escaped experiment? Memories seemed to hang at the edge of my mind, tantalizing me to grasp for them, yet disappearing as I reached, akin to trying to recall the details of a dream upon waking. As I pondered upon how I arrived in this strange predicament, a voice to my side startled me. As I turned to locate the source of this strange voice, I was blinded briefly by the sun, causing my glimpse of this strange character to be caught through hazy vision. However it would seem that vision was not my only stunted sense, as some form of aural discombobulation served to make most of his oration to be muddled and indistinct to my ears. I believe I heard the words 'night' and 'starve' most clearly. As my vision cleared, I managed to obtain a clear, yet brief look, at this strange character. It was a man, a very tall man, and unhealthily slender. He was wearing what appeared to be a pinstripe suit which, it later occurred, to me, was extremely out of place in this environment. The name Maxwell rose unbidden from the depths of my mind, although I could attach no real significance or accuracy to this seemingly subconscious relation. His expression was one of humorous disdain, as though he knew something I didn't, and he had no plans of telling me. Then, I swear, he graced me with a brief sneer and disappeared in a puff of smoke. I am not sure if this is some form of delusion caused by heat or hunger, but I could swear he was real. I could swear it. There are pages missing from my strange, that's not like me at all.
  5. If only I had realised I wouldn't be able to edit my initial post . [Moderated: Moved Game Mode V: Serpent (Path of Treachery) into original post as requested]
  6. Thanks guys, I'm going to work on refining the information layout as well as adding new stuff in a bit. I'm new to the forums, so layout isn't my strong point yet .
  7. For information on how multiplayer loadouts and items work, please refer to that section as each mode will likely operate under the same rules for generic items. Also please note focus mode will likely be unavailable, or if implemented, will not stop time, or be able to target players. Introduction Game Mode I - Shifting Shadows (Path of Stealth) Game Mode II - Mark of the Champion (Path of Silence) Game Mode III - Master Assassin (Path of Force) Game Mode IV - Shadow Dash (Path of Swiftness) Multiplayer Loadout Concepts (Item/Acquisition Concepts) Introduction: Salutations fellow forum trolls and Ninja aficionados, my name is Gizmotron, and after purchasing Mark of the Ninja and subsequently wallowing in the rare happiness and satisfaction that comes from a well-crafted game, I have decided to throw up a few ideas I've had for potential multiplayer options. Feedback would be incredibly welcome, as would fangirls, but beggars can't be choosers. I would also like to offer my thanks and congratulations to Klei entertainment for this amazing piece of work which prompted to to enter into the Don't Starve beta, which I am currently enjoying as well - love your work guys. Game Mode I - Shifting Shadows (Path of Stealth): Shifting Shadows is more than likely my favourite of the game modes that will be suggested here. In essence, it will take a group of five players and will help discover the best ninja out of those five. How it works: One player will be the ninja, the four other players will be guards. The map will be of a small size, with a limited number of vents, tunnels, and grapple points. To end the round, the ninja must either kill all of the guards within an allotted time limit, or the guards must kill the ninja. At the end of the round, a new player becomes the ninja. This rotation repeats until each player has had a turn at being the ninja. In the event of a tie in which two or more players successfully eliminate all of the guards, then the ninja who did so in the shortest time is considered the winner. Loadouts in this mode will be limited, the ninja will be equipped with sword, grapple, distraction flare, and spike trap. Guards will come equipped with rifles, NVG, gas masks, and gas grenades. Guards may be executed with a killing blow from behind, while stunned on the ground, or from other context-sensitive executions. These context-sensitive executions will either be limited to occurring upon a disabled guard, or upon loadout, but will be limited to Emperor's Abyss and the air-vent execution (forget the name). Game Mode II - Mark of the Champion (Path of Silence) Mark of the Champion is essentially a close quarters ninja death-match between two to five ninjas. The map will be dimly lit, and all lights that are contained in the map will be indestructible. Lightning flashes through windows may be a potential addition. How it works: Players will be spawned in designated spots in the map, equidistant from each other. As vision is extremely limited, players will primarily rely on sound to locate each other. Each player comes equipped with sword, grapple, distraction flare, and bamboo darts. Bamboo darts will stun an enemy ninja briefly. Distraction flares may be used to light up an area, however if a flare hits an enemy ninja directly, it will stun them briefly, and remain attached for a few seconds, revealing their movements. Ninjas may be executed through either repeated damage, executes from behind or below, or context-sensitive executions provided the enemy ninja is stunned and in range (i.e. Bat's Prey). The last ninja standing is deemed the round winner. There will be five rounds, and the ninja with the most round victories wins. Game Mode III - Master Assassin (Path of Force) Master Assassin is a race between ninjas to kill a set amount of NPC guards on a large scale map during a set amount of time. How it works: This game mode offers two to five ninjas the opportunity to prove who is the most ruthless at achieving their goals. The first player to reach a score tally of one hundred points is deemed the round victor, with the mode lasting a total of five rounds, each of which lasts five minutes. Points are allocated with a set weighting depending on the level of the target killed - guards are worth one, two, or three points each, with the more heavily armed guards being worth more points. Killing an enemy ninja in this mode will net you five points. When a ninja dies, they are relocated to a random spawn location after a brief death penalty time. Lights in this mode are indestructible, however may be deactivated through the use of switches. Guards will periodically respawn, and will also attempt to reactivate any deactivated lights. In this mode, ninjas are equipped with sword, grapple, noise maker, distraction flare, and spike mine. Spike mines may be placed in vents, and will kill an enemy ninja, however only one spike mine may be placed per ninja at any time. Noise makers may be used to attract a guards attention to an enemy ninja, if you're tricky . Game Mode IV - Shadow Dash (Path of Swiftness) Shadow Dash is a race through a large map for two to five ninjas to reach an objective point at the other side of the map. The first player to reach this point wins, with points also being allocated to second and third. At the end of three rounds, the player with the most points wins the game. How it works: All players start near each other at one end of the map. It is impossible to directly kill an enemy ninja in this mode. Players must rely on attracting attention to enemy ninjas by a variety of means including, but not limited to, noise makers, bamboo darting them when in motion alarms, reactivating tripwires and other such shenanigans. The level will come complete with guards, dogs, laser tripwires (both static and alternating on/off), motion alarms, and booby traps. Death will result in a ninja respawning near their death point after a brief death penalty time. Ninjas in this mode come equipped with sword, grapple, noise maker, bamboo darts, smoke bomb, and caltrops. Walking on an enemy ninjas caltrops will result in a ninja being stunned for a brief time. Game Mode V: Serpent (Path of Treachery) Serpent is a mode in which the last player to be detected is offered the opportunity to escape and claim victory. How it works: This mode is designed for two to five players, and is set inside a moderately small, contained map. Killing in this mode is not possible, as the goal is to avoid detection at all costs. At the start of the round, all players are set on the outside of the map. In the centre of the map, there is an elite ninja guard (the guards in the mech-suits with detection auras) which will patrol the map looking for players. Every thirty seconds, an additional elite ninja guard will spawn, which will also patrol the area. Upon being detected, players will be pursued and attacked, and will die in a single hit. When only one ninja player remains, he is considered the winner, however he is given thirty seconds to reach an escape point which opens. If he reaches this point without dying and escapes, he is awarded bonus points. At the end of five rounds, the player with the most points is deemed the overall game winner. The equipment for this mode is grapple, bamboo dart, and noise maker. Multiplayer Loadout Concepts (Item/Acquisition Concepts) How items will work: All items in multiplayer will be unlimited, however upon use will suffer a recharge time. This time will vary depending on the item used. The spike trap however will not enter it's recharge time phase until it either been detonated, or dismantled by the owner. This recharge time will apply to both ninjas, and player guards. Item Concepts: Ninja Items Mask of the Iron Golem -Ninja takes reduced damage and immunity to bamboo dart stun, however sprint speed is reduced and makes increased noise. Hood of the Assassin -Sprinting is silent, however ninja takes increased damage. Satchel of Shinobi -Item recharge rate is reduced, however projectile range is reduced. Iron Fists -Melee damage dealt is increased, however these attacks cause additional noise. Steel Shuriken -Replaces Bamboo Dart, stun time on players is increased, however recharges slower. Shuriken stun will bypass Iron Golem immunity. Guard Items: -This section coming Soon, however most guard items will operate as they do in game. Gas bombs will be context sensitive to allow for bombing of vents/tunnels. Item Acquisition: Briefly put, this is a section that will require feedback. The items mentioned, and upcoming ones, will need to made available through a variety of ways. These ways include, but are not limited to, rewards for winning a certain number of rounds (perhaps with mode allocation to items), bought in an in game store (currency as reward for game victors), or be available by default. Will be adding more stuff over time, it's 6am currently and I couldn't be stuffed typing more or proofreading at the minute. Going to go assassinate some guards . Hope you guys are having fun!
  8. I had four close together, breaking all the algorithms.