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  1. Steam Alpha Testing!

    And no import feature? =)
  2. What the heck?

    Give him back his babies!
  3. I dont know, but it feels like I am having a problem exploring due to some issues. I dont have any high amount of food on me, but hi Dont Starve ey? Short days. I have a feeling that I dont really want to build fires everywhere When I go for exploring I dont want do have a full inventory, I want to find stuff to bring back "home". But my inventory ends up being next to full with all the tools, fire mats, food, and if I stumble opon a grave or 3 it will be full for sure. Maybe a picnic sack with just a few slots specialy for food so I can bring home some more stuff? If it would make you not starving to easy with food around all the time, maybe make them go bad after 5 days, things rot =) If you got any hint now to explore easyer atm hit me, cant go further then 2 isles before I get homesick
  4. Steam Alpha Testing!

    Will steam and chrome share savefiles later on? Have no experience in those but checked out steam and found out I have to start over
  5. The epicness of the world?

    Fire Grass Ghost pokemon? Insane
  6. ATM you are having all your researches left for the next character when you died, and yeah I guess it is positive as it doesnt make deaths TOO expensive. I don't know but what about when you got all researches. Cheap and populare resolution is to put the "paragon" system(COD reference sry!), when you got everything you have an option to start over totaly from scratch but with a bagde of of honor of some sort. Maybe add a minimun amount of days you have to survive too before this can be done that becomes bigger each time. Full research + 100 days Full research + 250 days Full research + 500 days Pure example ofc, if you got one or wanna alter mine give us your tought. What rewards?
  7. The epicness of the world?

    That eat rabbits that comes to near? A tree that takes suicide by starting a fire cause you killed his lover, the flower?
  8. Suggestion: Add grues

    They should least add the hands that is in the startscreen, like if you turn on the light after total darkness you can see for less then a sec the hands retreating from the light. Maybe even add so you can every now and then see fireflies being snuffed out by a hand slashing then / throwing a rock at them
  9. Best place to camp.

    Edit: nvm post above me allready covered that ^^' I tried and can confirm that after you smooth the beast you can NOT chopchop him without him raging again
  10. Turbo farms.

    Maybe if you don't want to have that many farms laying around, maybe you just feel like having 1 cause your private place shall look neat and clean. But yes as turbofarm vs more normal farms doesnt really make any difference the whole question comes down to area
  11. Suggestion: Research Points

    Maybe you can put some crafting in Q, like kick the machine, it will starts to work and after 2 days it will have finished something random, mostly just junk that will give som researchpoints Research needs to be changed if you ask me, I got an isle with like 15 stone vains just next to me, if I want I can just build picks, mine everything, put all the gold in to the machine then reset :/ Instantly broken game, havent done it but cant say it isnt tempting even tho I know it would ruin the game for me
  12. Was think, would you like to see the crafting evolve? Like you can upgrade a pig hut to become made of stone by time and spending mats on it, not purely "add 40 stones to upgrade". More a text saying "This farm would want even more manure" ... "more more more" and then all of the sudden by a random number the farm evolves to something bigger. And just one 1 thing, you can put in alot of grass insted and in time poff a scarecrow gets build. So that you dont just build a thing once and then it is done. Like, alot of manure on the bondfire and it will start to glow greenish fire insted Alot of grass and it will smoke much, and if you stand close to it you will get dirty
  13. Death Mystery: Possible spoilers.

    I think they are werepigs, and all pigs turn in to them ever fullmoon
  14. http://www.own3d.tv/live/93051 Feel free to watch, share it to those that thinks about buying the game or just say hello on the chat ^^
  15. The epicness of the world?

    Can we have so that crows got a really small chance to drop something shiney to as you scare them off? Just feels like they should have it sometimes insted of just seed all the time ( My bad if they allready do, havent scared that many crows tbh ^^' ) Edit: or that crows steals from you, like if you mine and dont pick up gold or flint pretty quickly there is a chance that a crow dives down and steals one of them Just to give the players a mob to hate ^^ Edit 2: Dont wanna spam so just gonna edit this one again... -A gigantic stranded pirate ship stranded? If we can make it our new home, YES! -A really good story element that twists everything around? Twist it so there is alot of open gaps in the story for alot of theorycrafting -Some ghost of another player who died? Maybe even our old player if we make a new on the same isle? Zombie? -Some keys to a hidden gate to the deadlands? Sounds like danger, need more weapons! -An epic sunrise? Or maybe some moonshine during fulmoon? Maybe even "catch the moon" with a fishing rod to the reflection of the moon in the water. This game is strange after all! -An arcane scroll which turns you into a spider, making everything good seem hostile? Twist everything like in The Legend of Zelda on NES when you turned in to a pig and every enemy got changed -An big war between munkeys and birdmen? And maybe one side asks us to join with a suttle "we are gonna go for a walk and pick some bananas, wanna join?" .... "CHARGE!" ( Lots of great ideas here ) Allso I feel like the fire should be alive, like there is an ent that attack every now and then, what about if someone overfeds the fire, like 2-3 times over the cap a fire spirit will awaken and starts attacking you or anything that is near? Really hard to kill but drops a fireheart after witch is worth 500 researchpoints? BOSSFIGHT!