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UP 349444 - kill performance

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Hi all

after load save with new update i see critical performance drop (bot big base - 13 dups, Rime)

Before update its fly on x4

now its unplayeble on x1.....

any idea to fix? what element they "optimize" for this result?

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Compared to what?

Do you compare with stable version, or with previous debug build?

If you compare with stable, then this is not problem - debug version do extensive self-checking, logging and lot of other time consuming things, to help developers solve arising issues.

If you compare two debug builds, well, it is strange, but if you sure then write bug-report, and describe in it your system carefully, to simplify research of your situation


... Edited ...

Excuse me my stupidity. You write "Rime", so you compare debug builds. Well, then only thing I can say - I do not see any radical performance drop

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5 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

They removed the pipe-overhaul code because bugs and weekend.

I think that's the issue too, but I feel like it might need a bit more explaining.

There have been bug reports recently (QOL3) that pipes can severely slow down the game in some cases. In order to avoid this slowdown, the devs have rewritten parts of the pipe code. While faster, the result was lots of bug reports about crashes and water flowing the wrong way. The devs then stated that because it's still crashing, they reverted the change and gave us the playable, yet slow version to play during the weekend. We will get the fast version back next week once they have fixed all the crashes.

The only thing we can do is wait or try to avoid using long pipes. You can sometimes avoid a significant part of the slowdown by removing a tile of a pipe and then connect them with a bridge. The gameplay would be the same, but the game will now see that as two shorter pipes rather than one really long one and with a bit of luck, the game will no longer apply the "long pipe slowdown" bug. If you can't wait, I would recommend that you try to install some bridges and see if that helps.

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