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  1. Hi all i set small experiment for "open air ranching" with shine bugs, - set 2 ranching station with feeders on open air. Results: + tons of eggs "total" decor bonus - my base covered by shine bugs with > + 100 decor bonus light - near feeders and stations i have constantly > 20k lux not matter day / night - its really possible to set solar batteries and get easy power without space and generators(no need for steel on early phase) - now i have >200 SB on "open air" without fps drop, but i fear that performance cap near....
  2. Metal refinery show "nOT WORKABLE ORDER" after few produced metals - not matter continiuos or numbers in order list. SO i need manually reset production order - its WERY annoying
  3. You already have this "building", - you can build any size pit for water and set bottle emptyer. For "pee" problem - just pump water to another pit with filter. For gases - room with waterlock and offgas station....
  4. On my current map i have: 1 gold 1 iron 1 copper 1 Big-V 2 NG 1 Leaky Oil 2 Cold Steam Too many RM but small water. I have refined metal to build "big ring of power lines" - heavy conductive wire ring around asteroid, so i have good options to freely connect sources / consumers of power. But water is potential problem - now i have plenty by melting ice used to cool volcanos. But at long term perspective i need additional sources for farming. Maybe burning petroleum in PG give me PW for long term farming needs.