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  1. I find a bug - infinite wood harvest, - one of my wild arbor tree have "immortal" branches, dupes cut them again and again..... 60t for few min.... Looks like in some cases one tree have many branches on cell, so we can harvest lumber from 10-50 branches from this "mutants" One of tree have 151 branches... additional - more than 2000 decor....
  2. before last update radiate pipes allow correct transfer of heat, now we can use this bug (R pipe contense not heated) for free cooling, but normal heat exhange setups not work. in normal situation we have several options, but anyway ST is really best way to destroy heat. For my current base i use volcano to cool steam geayser - heat it to power ST and have 95C water + energy, but now my support AT system broken....
  3. well, in my base cooling totally broken - AT cool water in pipe but it not heated when pass hot medium this radiant pipe bug ruinet my heat transfer for oxigen same problem - radiant gas pipe passed cool water not cool oxigen.......... its ANNOYNG!!!!!! looks like release date will moving again - its too many critical bugs even in small patches.......
  4. + 1 for me its looks strange: 1) game mechanics - no change (-) 2) skill - change that not change nothing exept mouse click point ? ok we cant use all skills - but its change only late game and really not change overall strategy (-) 3) new building - nothing special - no new game exp ice maker / hydrofun is very minor impact to game (-) 4) conveior / steam improvments - ok its logical (+) 5) medicine - maybe ok - need to test, in QoL2 its too easy - maybe now it add some challenge (+) 6) new content (biomes / critters / story / ets) - nothing..... (------) I am really disappointed
  5. But new bioms.... new critters..... we want all, and now !!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA we need BIG botton "make me happy" !!!!!!!!
  6. Metal refinery show "nOT WORKABLE ORDER" after few produced metals - not matter continiuos or numbers in order list. SO i need manually reset production order - its WERY annoying