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Found 24 results

  1. As my base gets bigger, I have more and more fish swimming around and consuming graphics resources. Would you consider adding a Settings switch for "turn off fish animations"? Or maybe "turn off fish animations unless within X blocks of fish"?
  2. So i was playing Oxygen Not Included the other day and i noticed that i don't hit 60 fps, so i opened afterburner and checked my CPU, GPU and RAM usage and everything ran at below 100% and ram was well below maximum usage so i don't really understand why i still don't get 60 fps in game. I think it is a bottleneck but if so where? The game is installed on a Windows RAID 0 (please don't hate me) array with 2 drives in it. CPU: I5 9600KF GPU: GTX 1660 Super RAM: 16gb 3000Mhz CL15
  3. After you finish playing a course, and close the game, then later come back to play on the same map, the game sometimes wont let you navigate to that same course.
  4. i lost all my progress in the game , i have beated almost all the levels of the game , but now , the game has actually reset my progress , srry i will not play this until i get my progress back
  5. I don't know if this is the same for other people, but all the advances made in the performance front by the previous update where lost in the last update. My game returned to the painstakingly slow mess it was before. As i don't want to lose my 5000+ cycle colony, i am considering going back to the previous version of the game. Hopefully you will take a look at that Klei.
  6. when i respawn i ofen get stuck in noting and have to leave an rejoin to fix it
  7. lag spikes

    hey klei, i really enojy your game, but i cant play with lag spikes that i have in ever level. I hope you will fix it
  8. берёшь вешь и просто кладёшь в него нало когда ктото кидает вёщь чтобы она испорялась и возврощялась на своеё время
  9. я взял карандаш и подошол и вот просто не бросаешь а кладёшь я ищю в вашей игре баги :)
  10. I just think that the lave should have its own graphics settings for people like me who have weak computers
  11. im not supposed to be in this area . by hopping on the roof and onto the fence i can enter this area dont know if yall care just letting you know if you see this
  12. entering this area causes alot of lag
  13. when i fall in the lava and respawn i am unable to move. i have to restart the entire level and even then i can't alway move.
  14. The Ping is BS

    All the players have a ping abov 300 thats not the players its the server
  15. 退出八弟模式后在正常模式出現BUG 打完八弟模式后出現的
  16. Frame drop

    every time i reach this point on this level my frame rate drops to practicaly 0.
  17. It just happens ever since i accedentally turned off my computer with my feet by accident in game. It happens not only when I'm playing the game but also in the main menu, loading screen and while I'm writing this text. I have tried using less requiering settings but the problem doesn't seem to go away.
  18. I can't seem to change any of the settings to get the game to run better. Nothing happens when I press apply. Also performance seems to be capped at 60hz.
  19. Drop de fps

    Gros drop de fps avec une config i7 7700k et gtx 1080 alors que le jeu est en élevée
  20. big framedrop when the voices are talking, fps goes all the way to 1 fps. Settings are on potato.
  21. to hard to eindig bc it is a springhouse
  22. I use a mac laptop and the lag is almost unbearable on google chrome when playing Don't Starve. It will run at normal speed for about 5 minutes then start lagging and will keep getting worse the more I progress throughout the game. It gets especially bad around mobs like spiders and pigs or around high density areas such as forests. When playing the game no other application is open other then google chrome and I use a fairly new laptop so I dont know what to do.
  23. Bug Submission Please choose a category [sound] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Lasting Shadow Hand Music Steps to reproduce -Have sanity low enough so that Shadow Hands start trying to put out your fire -Make a Straw Roll -Use the Straw Roll to go to sleep right between the Shadow Hand and your fire Describe your issue I went to sleep using a Straw Roll right between a Shadow Hand and my fire. The next day, the Shadow Hand was gone, but the music that plays when they appear kept on playing.