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Found 23 results

  1. entering this area causes alot of lag
  2. when i fall in the lava and respawn i am unable to move. i have to restart the entire level and even then i can't alway move.
  3. The Ping is BS

    All the players have a ping abov 300 thats not the players its the server
  4. 退出八弟模式后在正常模式出現BUG 打完八弟模式后出現的
  5. Frame drop

    every time i reach this point on this level my frame rate drops to practicaly 0.
  6. It just happens ever since i accedentally turned off my computer with my feet by accident in game. It happens not only when I'm playing the game but also in the main menu, loading screen and while I'm writing this text. I have tried using less requiering settings but the problem doesn't seem to go away.
  7. I can't seem to change any of the settings to get the game to run better. Nothing happens when I press apply. Also performance seems to be capped at 60hz.
  8. Drop de fps

    Gros drop de fps avec une config i7 7700k et gtx 1080 alors que le jeu est en élevée
  9. big framedrop when the voices are talking, fps goes all the way to 1 fps. Settings are on potato.
  10. to hard to eindig bc it is a springhouse
  11. I've been in late game for a long time with only 4 dupes, and for the most part, everything was working fine. Then I got to a point where I needed more dupes, as there's no point in having 6 rockets when you don't even have that many to pilot them. So I took on 6 more dupes for a total of 10, but I'm in that awkward part where you can't yet put your new dupes in the rockets because they don't have the skill points. You'd think with more dupes you would get things done faster, but no. Even though I scaled up all necessary components (exosuit dock, food supply, etc.), dupes now get stuck in this infinite stutter loop. They'll literally stand there next to a pneumatic door and open/close it repeatedly until I manually order them to move. Other times they'll just stand around and think for what seems like an eternity. Now my base acts like I have the workforce of two dupes, and there's not much I see that I can do about it. Does anyone have any recommended fixes or workarounds? When I eventually get them able to pilot rockets, can I just stick them in a rocket indefinitely, or do they need food/bathroom/etc. while in rockets now? If so, maybe I'll just suffer through til I get the skill points and then put them in there forever.
  12. Everyhing ingame eats performance. Thats okay, but there are some things, you may want to disable, because you dont care at all, and therefore save processor-time. For example: I could not care less about "colony achievements", steam achievements, how much ladders i´ve build and related things. I would appreciate to be able to deactivate all that. It may not achieve much performance boost, but in this game, every single bit counts. Another benefit would be, the game would not bother with "Hey you´ve done xyz, and this is great! Click meeeeee! I wont disappear until you click me!". I do realize, some of the folks really want those features, and they love it. Granted. But there are people out there, like me, who only get annoyed by this stuff.
  13. Boy is the game running like crap post launch. Currently running a cycle 347 base with 15 dupes and some of the worst frame rates I have ever witnessed in the history of playing this game, dating all the way back to December 2017. I'm also experiencing a fair amount of stuttering too, where the frame rate, which is normally running in the 35-45 FPS range, will drop to 20 FPS for a split second, then shoot back up. I haven't even breached space yet! I would expect this type of performance in the beta, and ironically enough, this is the exact same performance that I was getting in the beta. My computer isn't being taxed in the slightest, only 40% of my CPU power is being utilized. My GPU is playing this game with its figurative eyes closed, and yet I can't even sustain 50 FPS. QoL Mk3, for those of you who played it, the performance then was SO MUCH BETTER. I had a base with 23 dupes and almost the entire map revealed and was getting the same frame rate then that I am getting now. It's unbelievable really. How they could regress the optimization of the game for the final release really is beyond me. I hope that all of this is caused by the temp calculation because right now, this is really bad. Luckily for Klei, most new players won't progress far enough into the game to run into performance problems. And before anyone tells me it's my computer, trust me, it's really not. Like I said, I've had bases in the past that were twice as big and ran more smoothly, so if the game could run as well then, it can run as well now. The devs really need to take a long hard look at the changes they've made to their code recently and determine what the root issue is. People with more monstrous computers than mine will obviously be able to brute force their way to 60 FPS no matter what simply by virtue of sheer computing power, but I don't have a top of the line rig so I rely heavily upon code working properly and similarly to how it was running beforehand.
  14. Found this reddit post a bit ago and decided to do some science. Navigation tree from clicking a shove vole on the surface: Navigation tree from spawning a shove vole at the printing pod: Fascinating. I wonder if this is possibly a source of part of the mid/late game lag that people are seeing. Shove voles.
  15. With all of the hubbub about performance and people posting specs that are superior to mine posting better FPS, I am wondering if anyone is running this game on a Ryzen 3600 or something similar and what sort of FPS they are getting in the late game.
  16. Based on gameplay evidence, revealing the map slows down the game and it appears to be the updates in TheSIM.dll, which is causing it. Gas movements and temperature movements seems to be the main culprits. This makes it an interesting part of the code to optimize. Multi-threading would be nice, but it requires a good approach because the "by the book" approach is likely to cause critical races and we don't want those. In the following I will assume updating a cell will access the cell and the 8 cells around it. It's ok if it accesses fewer cells than that, but if it accesses more, then the following might not work at all. Also I assume the current code loops through all cells from cell ID 0 to the end because that's the approach, which makes the most sense when judging from the memory layout. However I can't actually verify this because TheSIM.dll is unmanaged code and the decompiler only works on the managed code. In other words I can't actually see what goes on inside that file. The proposed setup: Assign a name to each row of cells. We name them A, B and C. After that we repeat, meaning we get A, B, C, A, B, C, A.... Instead of looping all cells, Loop though all A rows and do each row from left to right. Once done, do all B rows and last all C rows. The idea is that since there are 2 rows between each A row and cells only affect neighboring cells, we will be able to do the A rows in any order without affecting the result. In fact because no A row will ever access cells, which are also accessed by any other A row, doing all A rows in parallel should be possible. The same with B and C. What can't be done is running A, B and/or C at the same time. The order of those 3 has to be fixed and one at a time. This means the current loop all cells code should be replaced with start all A threads, wait for threads to finish, start all B... etc. Single thread operation can easily be implemented. Start the called method in the main thread instead of moving it to another thread. This will result in the same functionality, but with everything in the same thread. While likely not very useful for players, it will be a huge improvement if anybody has to debug the code. Make single threaded operation a game option in case somebody wants to play with just one active CPU core. It's easy to implement and we never know if it will be good to have some time in the future if something unexpected happen. Maybe it's enough to have the setting in kplayerprefs.yaml and not the game UI. Don't use hardcoded values. Instead provide full support for mods, which change the map size by reading the current map size at runtime. The benefits of this approach: Same behavior as the current one (or at least hopefully close enough) Allows near unlimited number of CPU cores (map height/3 number of cores) Minimal thread overhead (entire rows for each thread) CPU cache friendly (loops through rows in a cache optimized way) Single core friendly (debugging friendly) No need for thread locks (the cores should work, not wait for each other) Doesn't change the currently working implementation of what to do with each cell, just the call order
  17. This will be a thread for players to submit reports and gather evidence relating to the massive performance degradation that typically occurs when players start launching rockets. A number of players have already posted about this issue and one user, u/aresd, surmised that the cause of the problem is the way temperature is calculated, especially since the launch of a rocket creates a lot of changes in temperature due to all of the exhaust. This is his report: Another player already submitted a bug report here: This is a serious and urgent issue as it is currently making the game very stuttery and laggy after reaching the rocket stage, and rockets comprise 25% of the total game. To quote myself: Whatever is causing this performance loss, whether it be temperature calculations or something else, seriously needs to be addressed. I cannot believe the game runs worse in launch than it did in QoL Mk3; that is the antithesis of what a final release should be.
  18. The class Grid contains a lot of the map data. What's interesting here is a bunch of pointers, which seems to be used for arrays, which in turn each stores a cached value for each cell. The concept seems to be good. It grants quick access to data, which needs to be accessed quickly for performance reasons (likely TheSIM). The problem is that each array is allocated at a random location in memory meaning they are optimized for looping through all cells, but they are bad when getting data for the same cell from multiple arrays. I propose making one array of struct instances. The class would then contain data like temperature, mass, elementIdx etc. This will result in an array where all cells are after each other like right now, but if you read say the temperature, when you need to read the mass next, it's already in the level 1 cache because those two numbers are right next to each other in memory. You might also be able to save some overhead if you implement a get method, which returns a class reference instead of fetching from an index each time you need a variable. Keep in mind that for this to work efficiently, the class layout matters alot. Changing pack size could add additional overhead, meaning it's better to order the variables manually for minimal memory footprint. Update: removed all references to structs. Structs are returned by value while classes are returned by reference. Since we want references, classes, not structs should be used.
  19. My game is running at about 30-40 FPS on 2x speed in the preview branch right now but after launching a rocket drops to 25-30 FPS and becomes noticeably more stuttery in performance. Reloading the game solves the problem and I know it's not a computer system reqs issue either since the game has always run great in the past. Submitted a bug report already but wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing the same problem.
  20. Hi guys after some thinking i guess that being able to deactivate all germs from the map " they literally do not even appear from geysers" and decor calculations could improve performance at least a little. Decor would still be used for "player decor" like me i like to make statues etc because they look amazing. But as the game progresses i trade everything for performance " flying critters must die" etc.
  21. I use a mac laptop and the lag is almost unbearable on google chrome when playing Don't Starve. It will run at normal speed for about 5 minutes then start lagging and will keep getting worse the more I progress throughout the game. It gets especially bad around mobs like spiders and pigs or around high density areas such as forests. When playing the game no other application is open other then google chrome and I use a fairly new laptop so I dont know what to do.
  22. Bug Submission Please choose a category [sound] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Lasting Shadow Hand Music Steps to reproduce -Have sanity low enough so that Shadow Hands start trying to put out your fire -Make a Straw Roll -Use the Straw Roll to go to sleep right between the Shadow Hand and your fire Describe your issue I went to sleep using a Straw Roll right between a Shadow Hand and my fire. The next day, the Shadow Hand was gone, but the music that plays when they appear kept on playing.