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  1. For far planets can be up to 20% of fullerene - so we can obtane 200kg per bay near planet have "trace amount" - about 1 kg per bay so even with longer travel and more complex rocket we have great advantage to harvest rare materials from far planets. But when we have hydro rocket we already have fullerene.....
  2. You not need to do something with this CO2 - just store it and not care. Waterlock and automated lamber supply - and you no need to enter dupes to high pressyre area (or use suits). Later it can be useful to feed sliksters or produse polluted water, but anyway it not a problem
  3. Hi all i find one trick to optimize heat transfer for trivial volcano/steam setup. Trivial setup - put magma to heat steam chamber with some termo control (doors) after magma turn to solid - cut it with robominer. And what about debris? - we have rocks with temp about 1000C but with vacuum we cant use them to heat steam chamber. We can use sweeper - but with steel we have problem - rocks too hot. but if we add some lead - it melts, and we have good heat transfer from debris, and if we add one more termo sensor we can sweep debris when it cool down to 300C. Lead is ideal for this - it melt with low temp but not evaropate... main idea is to drain heat before use sweepers
  4. Anyway, without "makswel deamon forced" devices we have two way heat transfer. So we can store heat with some mass as carrier or use AT. In this game we not have "beam" energy transfer, so we limited of mass to mass interaction. Maybe some mods add something like "beamed termal energy transfer" and reflectors, in this case we can do something like not mass based one way heat energy transfer. We need: 1) heated body energy "beam" mechanics 2) black body - ideal beam energy consumer to receive enerdy from far heat source 3) white body - ideal beam energy reflector to not receive energy back From this ingridients we can construct one way heat energy transfer without mass interaction.
  5. Lead have something about 1750 evaropation temp - highet than volcano output About steam battery - i just love not comples solutions we can yse battary in big numbers to store excid power but not many ways to store heat energy, steam is good way for me, just add automation to not retorn water to steam room if pressure too high and we have ideal energy storage with unlimited capacity
  6. I reality (game reality) you not need to build complex setup for LH - build same as for LO but few more points: 1) set thermo sensor to measure temp of LH pool and stop AT at solid < temp < liq 2) dont pump LH until you have one (better more) tiles of LH high in this case at first stages you have some chance to overcool LH and solidify small amount, but as soon as you store 1-2 t of LQ system stabilyzed. So you not need to use small pockets or other tricsks - just build autostabilized system with some "termo buffer"
  7. If we put steam chamber on top of volcano, we limited by max pressure - if it bigger that 20Kg (jr something near) - it block eruptions of volcano. I use separate chamber to "store" energy by add water in case of excess heat available - something like "steam battery". For sweapers - yes its possible to use them with high temp in vacuum, and use some cooling setup as for robominers, but the colder the debris - the simpler processing. So i try to extract as mach heat as possible before moving rocks, so i need less energy to cool it to usable temp. Aluminium vs Lead - lead have less conductivity, but its no problem, lesser melting temp allow me to extract rocks with 300C and less
  8. With mechatronics you need dupes interaction only to gather lamber, after that all automated, and you not need to think about CO2 - just use waterlock and store (you can add slicksrers for free oil) In my oasise base ethanol is core of energy system, 2 PG for midgame - more than needed. Just not waste energy to delete CO2 and you have energy positive system
  9. I use it for artifact museum - looks logical for me.
  10. Generator produce too many CO2, so it better to isolate it from main base, with waterlock you can overpress CO2 as much as you need before you find slicksters to destroy it for free
  11. Astronaut bonus

    I think advanced engine must have not only range bonus, but speed bonus to, IMHO its absolutely logical from all sides.
  12. i use "energy conservation" - heat water to steam in closed area with airlock, just use termo to auto add water if temp more than you AT comfortable. In this case you have room with of heat steam ready to use as energy source for ST when it ready to deploy. And you can add water as much as you need, so it have infinite capacity
  13. I use DP for most of my bases, no gold maps is no problem of oxilyte, its limits us to deal with high temp materials, - we need steel to pump oil without gold.... (or use some precooling systems for oil biome)
  14. [Game Update] - 353289

    I find a bug - infinite wood harvest, - one of my wild arbor tree have "immortal" branches, dupes cut them again and again..... 60t for few min.... Looks like in some cases one tree have many branches on cell, so we can harvest lumber from 10-50 branches from this "mutants" One of tree have 151 branches... additional - more than 2000 decor....
  15. before last update radiate pipes allow correct transfer of heat, now we can use this bug (R pipe contense not heated) for free cooling, but normal heat exhange setups not work. in normal situation we have several options, but anyway ST is really best way to destroy heat. For my current base i use volcano to cool steam geayser - heat it to power ST and have 95C water + energy, but now my support AT system broken....
  16. well, in my base cooling totally broken - AT cool water in pipe but it not heated when pass hot medium this radiant pipe bug ruinet my heat transfer for oxigen same problem - radiant gas pipe passed cool water not cool oxigen.......... its ANNOYNG!!!!!! looks like release date will moving again - its too many critical bugs even in small patches.......
  17. On my oasise map i use (limited) regolith / mafic rock for cooling specific small areas - they have -50C and can be used fo critical places before you reach steam level
  18. Is it normal, that i can"t find any water/slush/cool staem geysers on oasis map? i find 6 magma volcano, 1 iron, 1 copper, 2 hydrogen, 2 NG, 2 Chlorine, 2 Hot Carbone, 2 leaky oil, 1 hot steam and any normal water source..... I can transfer some lamber for water, but its too limited source.
  19. ok so we wait for another beta stages before release?
  20. + 1 for me its looks strange: 1) game mechanics - no change (-) 2) skill - change that not change nothing exept mouse click point ? ok we cant use all skills - but its change only late game and really not change overall strategy (-) 3) new building - nothing special - no new game exp ice maker / hydrofun is very minor impact to game (-) 4) conveior / steam improvments - ok its logical (+) 5) medicine - maybe ok - need to test, in QoL2 its too easy - maybe now it add some challenge (+) 6) new content (biomes / critters / story / ets) - nothing..... (------) I am really disappointed
  21. But new bioms.... new critters..... we want all, and now !!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA we need BIG botton "make me happy" !!!!!!!!
  22. Metal refinery show "nOT WORKABLE ORDER" after few produced metals - not matter continiuos or numbers in order list. SO i need manually reset production order - its WERY annoying