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  1. So, - preview or not preview?
  2. Looks strange - a will test it on my setup, in my math i use 66% ratio for Sour to Methane conversion, if it changet to 20% system looks unusable without SuperQ update my math - even with 20% looks positive with TR HEAT_1.xlsx
  3. 1) - i build few different builds, but don*t measure rate, from math looks like for 1kg/c we need about 11 Termo regulators 2) - if my 11 TR - 11*240 + 1 pump for methane - 240 + 2 pump for NG - 240 with AT for TR cooling and some return from ST we have about 4.4kW consuming for fuel to run 11 NG Generators 3) in boil chamber we have wery high pressure, so for pressure of all system we have ch2 > ch3 ...> ch 5 - just need to open door I will try to upload detail in few days HEAT.xlsx
  4. I have some test setup for this task (now not on PC so only text description) chambers 1) incoming oil 2) boiler oil to sour (volcano heat) 3) sour precool chamber 1 (steam turbine) 4) sour precool chamber 2 5) sour to NG converter (freezer) 6) NG vaporizer tips: ch1 - connected to ch3 (glass wall with heat echange plates) for heat echange between SG and incoming oil - SG cool to 200C oil heat to 100-130C ch4 - connected to ch6 (glass wall with heat echange plates) cool SG to somthing about 0C - vaporize NG ch5 - trivial - for pre space we can use TG with Hydrogen main idea - passive heat echange for incoming and outgoing products, so in ch5 we cool SG from 0C, not from 200 and not use additional process to vaporize NG. No pums used for SG transfer - so no space material (we not need even steel.....) I will try to upload pics later
  5. I use ST to cool metal volcanos and have no problem to cool them, even for Iron Volcano. Just don*t let steam to heat more than 200C and few wheez in hydrogen will be good for cooling. On my Iron V , ST work non stop even in dormancy period
  6. Hi again, Lets talk about useles geysers and thing how to fix them. We all love water and metal geysers / volcano. Some people love NG But what for we can use CD geysers / vents, hot steam or hot oil? Its not problem to tame them, but that for? they take place but have no sence or challenge... Hot steam - 100g/s - ok we can cool it but water / energy output usseless CD - hot or cold - 50-100 g/s - its nothing - totally useles, nothing to challenge Hot oil - same. Looks like we need some modding to add interest to interact with thise totally useless objects....
  7. For me, better is way is something like "efforts / challenge = profit" so - cold slush - low challeng - low effords to use - good profit volcano - big / mid challenge - mid / big efforts - good profit leaky oil / hot steam - mid challenge, any efforts = tiny profit So from my point of view, the best is change this useless ones to add chellenge and effords to tame and give some normal reward. Maybe set Hydrogen G to more output but extreme hot? Same for PO2?
  8. we can use different way to do anything - its maybe greatest advantage of this game. for me, preferred way is removing water, it looks more simple that temp control
  9. One point - steam PP create steam that condense to water and can flood your building, so needed some way to remove water from room for really long play
  10. ok so we wait for another beta stages before release?
  11. + 1 for me its looks strange: 1) game mechanics - no change (-) 2) skill - change that not change nothing exept mouse click point ? ok we cant use all skills - but its change only late game and really not change overall strategy (-) 3) new building - nothing special - no new game exp ice maker / hydrofun is very minor impact to game (-) 4) conveior / steam improvments - ok its logical (+) 5) medicine - maybe ok - need to test, in QoL2 its too easy - maybe now it add some challenge (+) 6) new content (biomes / critters / story / ets) - nothing..... (------) I am really disappointed
  12. But new bioms.... new critters..... we want all, and now !!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA we need BIG botton "make me happy" !!!!!!!!
  13. aaaaaaaaaaaa we need new ..... more ONI.... more...............................
  14. Metal refinery show "nOT WORKABLE ORDER" after few produced metals - not matter continiuos or numbers in order list. SO i need manually reset production order - its WERY annoying