Suggestion: Normal and Unique items for each character

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Following what i said:


If i would make a suggestion to the characters it would be:

Wilson: Gains extra research points from items because of being a scientist

Willow: Has extra torch duration (about a 1.5 more or double) and can light a Fire pit if being near of it because of being a Pyrotechnic

Wolfgang: Because of his big strenght, he can take down trees or rocks faster than others with tools, can fight with bare hands and grows a beard, but cant make the effigy

Perhaps having Unique items for each character?


I would like to add this suggestion:

Wilson: The only one that can make the meat effigy, and potions, Science machines cost less Materials and Research points

Willow: The only one that can make the fire pit, or, that it takes less wood to light fully fire pits or campfires

Wolfgang: The only one that can make Crossbows and a Fish trap

Unique items (Or normal):

Crossbows: Ranged Weapon, can kill a crow and bunnies with 1 arrow

Arrows: 1 Feather, 1 Flint (Maybe a rock or gold?) 1 Twig

Fish trap: Can be used to fish automatically, haves 5 uses, needs a bait

Potions: Potions that can be poisoned (Combined with an arrow for poisoned arrows?) or be used to heal disseases: Colds, Pig flu , Vampirism, Werepigs (Poor Pigs D:) can be made with special Flowers like lavander, mandrakes also spiders eggs, stings, honey, etc, etc.... (It would need an alchemy pot)

I cant think of anithing more for Wendy :(

Well thats my 2cents, opinions are greatly aprecciated :), also first post! Lovely community we got here :)

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Just the fact that the characters get unique personal abilities.
Yes. Differences that are more than skin deep would be cool, but they shouldn't be exploitable. For instance, with this setup people would do all their research with Wilson - and with the use of the tent, they'd switch characters whenever their bonuses are suitable.

I think what I'd like is Zelda/Metroid-style abilities that allow access to different areas - like a frozen-over area that only Willow can get to, or a fruit-bearing tree that is so high that only Wolfgang can reach it.

If they did go the bonuses route, I'd at least like some penalties/weaknesses to balance them out.

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Maybe a different kind of potion or food to eat or drink to change character.

And moving on with that idea:

Wilson can harvest ingredients to switch to willow, willow can harvest for wendy, wendy for wolfgang and WG for Wilson. That way you have to play through all characters if you want to use the ability of wolfgang. Have no idea if its good or bad thogh, just thought of it :p

I would like to see the tent be used as a permanent straw roll. So when you are in your camp you can skip nigh a bit easier. And bring a straw roll when you are out and about.

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I also like the idea of each character having a unique item, as well as an ability. Obviously Wilson already has his Meat Effigy, which I don't think should be overlooked when compared to Willow and Wendy (who cannot use it). As a unique bonus, I agree that Wilson should receive bonus research points, as it only makes sense since he's the only scientist among them.

As for Willow, I like the idea of her torch lasting longer, however you can start the fire pit with so many items (wood, twigs, straw, manure, pine cones, ect) that starting it without an item isn't all that amazing... and then how would you decide how long the fire lasts or how bright it should be? I would rather suggest giving Willow twice the chance to light objects on fire and/or double the damage from fire (i.e. torches). As for a unique "invention", how about a flamethrower? It could be crafted from gold and require oil (from the black pools of ooze in swamps). I would suggest iron over gold, but until that's implemented (along with the oil) I suppose gold would be the next best option.

I'm playing Wendy right now and for her I think it would be nice if her natural ability was allow her to sneak closer to rabbits, or simply not alerting them as quickly that you're trying to cut them off from their hole. As for an item, maybe something to do with flower petals... a flower crown (hat) that tames bees like meat tames pig men? Or maybe a perfume bottle that lures animals to traps or to follow Wendy to a more "isolated" location?

As for Wolfgang, I agree that he probably should be able to chop, mine, and dig faster (say +25%). As for fishing, that also sounds nice, maybe allow him to either create a net (from rope) that can be cast into the sea at designated areas (i.e. bubbles or fish jumping out of the water). Another option is a fishing rod as an active hunting method (twigs & silk maybe). A crossbow, or a simple bow, sounds like a good idea, but I would like it if anyone could create such a weapon, especially since they only have the spear so far. I wouldn't mind a flintlock rifle being at the top of the technology tree for weapons.

Well those are my thoughts on the matter.

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Or just remove the tent.

Or make the tent for sleeping in.

Say it lasts for 10 nights or something. This is what I thought it was for anyway, that's why I built it. Once I realised it was for changing characters, and only once, I never built any more.

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Interesting idea, i think i would support a change like this. Having unique tech trees per char with lots of the basic or required things in common, would make more incentive for players to play different characters and improves the replayability of the game. Giving character unique abilities is also nice, and could be used to balance things out.

Wilson with his effigy (a very strong unique tech) should have a relatively low impact ability, like a bonus to research points. That wont make the game THAT much easier. As for Wolfgang who has a very strong personal ability (albeit passive: 2x health, 2x stomach and hits harder), his personal tech should be less strong that wilsons as a balance factor. No idea what tho, but ill get some ideas Soon now that reading this put that in my head.

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