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"Please restart the game"?

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Do you think it's a vanilla game error or mod implemented one? It's been popping up lately once every 50 cycles or so.

Funnily enough the game runs fine, except for the "loading water pump" which doesn't disappear.


These are my mods - apart from the high flow storage, nothing revolutionary, just QOL.


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It tells that something crashed. The game apparently runs some try-catch protection to avoid a complete crash when that happens. This means it started doing something, but crashed before it finished. Say we have a building, which does this:

  1. consumes 10 kg of water
  2. produces 10 kg of polluted water
  3. heats the building
  4. outputs some mineral

If the bug occurs between 1 and 2, then the water is consumed, but 2-4 will not run and you just lost 10 kg of water to the bug. This means while the game is playable, it doesn't work as intended and playing anyway might corrupt your game data.

7 hours ago, SharraShimada said:

Its a know error with mods.

That's both true and false. When after mods have been applied, the game can't really tell if it's modded code or not. This means mods will trigger the bug catching code Klei added to ONI. We usually do not see it because Klei usually fix all the bugs, which can cause this prior to release meaning when we see it, odds are that it's triggered by mods. It is however not mod exclusive.


What the error means is: quit the game and read the log file. When the game adds the error window, it will also write a lot of useful info to the log file, like where in the code the error occurred. It might not be player reading friendly, but odds are programmers can figure out which mod caused the issue based on the log alone.

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