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Tree Farming

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Currently, I am farming tree's. I think I have figured out a good system, so I thought I would share!

First off, you need a firepit/camp that is somewhere near a pig village, but not too close.

To start this tree farming strategy you only need:

- 4 or 5 meats

- An axe

- Pine cones, the more the better.

You want to start this process right after a full moon, giving you seven entire days and nights before the pigs start giving you problems. (this is why we don't want to be too far from the village)

Step One

You want to lay all your pine cones down and form a tree line similar to this:


This formation lets you and your pigs gain access to every tree easily. It is also helpful to place this setup right next to a marsh, as seen here:


Step Two

Wait two days, and then head to the nearby pig village at dawn. Hopefully you can get there in 2/16 or less. Once there, feed those 4 or 5 pigs your meat and bring them back.

Step Three

Hopefully you made it back to your camp and treeline by noon. Now it's time to go to work. Position yourself in the middle of the two tree lines, and hit a tree once. Your piggy friends will do the rest for you!


If they stop cutting at any point, just move a little bit and hit a new tree, they will most likely start up again.

Step Four

Depending on how many trees you laid down, you may not have enough time to finish that afternoon. If you have 30+ trees, chances are you can't, and will need to head back to camp for the night and rest.

Step Five

At dawn, get back out there and repeat Step Three until every tree is cut down.


Don't start collecting logs or pine cones yet!

Step Six

Assuming you didn't run into any Treeguards, you now need to get your pigs killed before they run home. So head on into the marsh and have them attack tentaculars and frogs until none remain. Make sure to pick up all their meat!

Step Seven

Now go reap the benefits! Grab all your logs, replant every pine cone, and then rest at camp for the night! In the morning, you repeat the process from Step One.

This has worked very well for me so far, and I can usually get off 2 rotations per moon cycle without dealing with were-pigs and without ever feeding them more than the original meat. If you have any questions, let me know below!

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  • Developer

Wow - just noticed this thread. That's awesomely detailed, Xack! Be careful what you post, though! I have a reputation around the office for closing people's favourite exploits :)

(Actually, you're pretty safe with your strategy - everything seems to be working as designed.)

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  • Developer

Given the way that ol' Piney decides to spawn, I'd say that you're playing with fire with this strategy. I guess that if you're using mostly young trees and you have a lot of pigs around you should be pretty safe.

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