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Team Synergies

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I've no doubt this has been made multiple times in the past, but now it's worth revisiting with the advent of several new additions. Team synergies are 3 person compositions that result in far increased effectiveness due to several character traits either complimenting one another or covering each other's weaknesses. Here's my current favorite example:

- - - - -

Wormwood + Wortox + Webber
Synergy: Spider/Bee Farming & Health Galore

Wormwood and Wortox alone make for a strong pair, due to how easy it is to make Living Logs when constantly healed with Souls. Add Webber into the mix, who can create more spider nests, and suddenly the potential skyrockets. The amount of Living Logs produced by Wormwood will make it easy to stock-up Bramble Husks, which will tear through armies of Spiders at almost no effort. What little damage Wormwood would take from tanking all the Spiders is easily healed off by Wortox, who will quickly amass Souls from the armies of dead Spiders. This positive spiral of being able to heal means collecting Spider Glands becomes ridiculously easy, making it further easier for Webber to create more Spider Eggs and perpetuate the loop.

All of this Spider killing means plenty of Monster Meat, which is easily turned into Meatballs by the sheer amount of crops Woodworm will also get to make. Lots of Silk also means it's that much easier to set up a Bee farm, where everything about Wormwood's Bramble Husks applies just as well for acquiring Honey. Honey gets additional healing use for Webber in Honey Nuggets and for Wormwood in Honey Poultices, while Silk is a resource that universally finds use beyond setting up the Bee farm.

Wortox's arguably main weaknesses are how hard it is to keep him fed and sane, which are each taken care of by excess Monster Meat for Meatballs and plenty of Silk for Top Hats and Tents, respectively. Wormwood likewise receives easy heals from countless non-food sources in this comp, and Webber keeps his three meters filled from getting plenty of Dragonpies, Pumpkin Cookies and Taffy nearly to himself. The only disadvantage with this composition is that a lot more mobs will attack two of the members here on sight, but that shouldn't be a huge issue with how easy healing is to come by. As long as the trio bases near a swamp for an easier time acquiring Papyrus, they should have everything they need to get this full game-plan in action.

Additional direct beneficiaries to this core include Wigfrid, who can capitalize on plenty of meat to eat and things to fight; Winona, who will get a lot of use out of the incoming Silk for creating Trusty Tape, and by extension, more Catapults; and Wolfgang, who will stay consistently fed and work nicely in fighting off bigger baddies that Wormwood's Bramble Husk won't beat.

- - - - -

Other synergies I can vaguely picture:

  • WX-78 + Wickerbottom + Wolfgang
    Synergy: Tried-and-True Generalists
  • Wickerbottom + Wormwood + Warly
    Synergy: Crock Pot Variety
  • Webber + Wilson + Willow
    Synergy: Maximized Bernie Production & Warmth

Let me hear your ideas for strong synergies as well, even if they're just two-character comps.

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I had a shower thought a few days ago

  • Winona + Willow + Maxwell

At the start of the game Winona gives Willow the trusty tapes and then goes of on her merry ways. Willow follows Maxwell around and keeps him covered. Winona circles the entire map and collects the harder stuff like tentacle spikes, honeycombs and hammers pig and bunny houses and to look for interesting stuff and test every wormhole.

Willow and Maxwell collects the basic materials like rocks and logs. Once they get a science machine going Willow will craft a backpack, spear, shovel and logsuit (the wood provided by sugar daddy Maxwell) while Maxwell precrafts structures. Willow should now go insane and spawn BERNIE! to farm nightmarefuel. Willow will collect mob loot like spider, koalefant, clockwork and hound based stuff and getting tufts and to cover Maxwell. Nightmarefuel she gathers are given directly to Maxwell. Maxwell gathers a manure load of wood, rocks (all types), cones, coal, and to dig graves. Willow does the fighting while Maxwell does the collecting. Willow also works as a pack mule should Maxwell get overloaded.


I've never tried it but it sounds like something that could work.

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Wigfrid - Wortox - Webber

This is similar to yours, using two of the same characters for the same reason. This might not work, because I've never tried it, and just thought of it off the top of my head. Webber places his spider nest, and Wigfrid starts fighting. When the spiders die, Wortox will get their souls for healing. The spiders will drop Monster Meat, Spider Glands, and Silk. Webber can use the silk for upgrading the nest for more spiders, and Webber + Wortox can use the silk to make Top Hats. Since Wigfrid will be fighting, she will get sanity from that, so she won't need one. That's the sanity column. With the monster meat, they can make a bunch of crockpot foods, (with the silk, sanity items will be easy to make, so a few monster foods won't hurt) so that's done for the food column. Wortox has the souls from the dead spiders, + the glands, so that fixes health! (the silk can also be used to make nets, fishing rods, etc. for even more food income.)

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Wormwood Has so many synergies that  it's not even funny


Wormwood+Wortox: Not only can Wortox Easily heal Wormwood, but Wormwood's bramble husk can make the farming of souls a joke, due to the AOE. Just walk up to a killer beehive and let them hit you for quick and easy souls.


Wormwood+Wicker: applied horticulture. enough said

Wormwood+Webber: Webber is able to mass produce Silk, spider glands, and monster meat. the Silk can be used to make tents for restoring wormwood's health, the spider glands can be used to make healing salves, and Wormwood doesn't loose HP from monster meat, making it a viable food source.


Wormwood+Wigfrid: Wormwood's bramble traps are the best way to farm shadow splumonkies. this allows for easy and cheap collection of meat and filler.


Wormwood+Wolfgang/WX-78/Wigfrid: the Bramble husk can also be used to farm splumonkies, and due to these character's high tankiness, They can do so much safer, more reliably, and more at once


Wormwood+Woodie: Woodie's incessant chopping can help Wormwood keep his sanity down for nightmare farming, and in turn Wormwood's living logs can help keep the curse under wraps. Woodie's still useless, but at least he has something.


Wormwood+Wes: Lots of bone shards for bramble husks.


Frankly, I'm just happy that wormwood has a proper downside.



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wigfrid and wortox

both immortal with wig helmets and souls.


wigfrid and wolfgang

wolfgang would be useless in this combi but he can learn a lot while hes watching wig playing


wigfrid and wes

wig can revive him 10 times a day cause of her hp gain and blood durst for spiders


wigfrid and wigfrid

if you use this combi the game will comment evry of your actions as shenanigans. adding one more wig will make all bosses disappear and not able to spawn


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16 minutes ago, Pedrito said:

the superior way to farm something is with: Wickerbottom + Wortox + Wormwood
you can farm birds(morsels,feathers)+ living logs(souls) + krampus sacks at the same time

thats true but the questions is why should you do that. ok krampussack is nice with wicker but food and all other things wicker summons arent really worth. except her tentacles

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8 minutes ago, BeliarBAD said:

thats true but the questions is why should you do that. ok krampussack is nice with wicker but food and all other things wicker summons arent really worth. except her tentacles

don't talk to me ever again


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