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Walls are not our enemies lol

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So I'm still figuring out the mechanics of this game and I was hoping to get some kind of insight as to why characters lock onto walls so often. Is there some way to turn off this feature? I can't tell you how many times I have destroyed a section of wall trying to kill an enemy. I don't even really have to be that close to the wall. I have actually seen my character ignore an enemy right in front of her to go hit the wall half a screen away!

I used to have issues with characters locking on to all sorts of things I was not aiming at without me noticing and then wondering why I couldn't hit something around me, but I finally figured out you can turn off the target locking feature which helped me not die from being locked onto the wrong thing, but I still have issues with walls. 

If anyone knows, I'd love to hear:

A) Why is "attack" an option for your base walls to begin with?


B) Is there anyway to remove that as an attackable object?

I know you need to be able to destroy walls for all types of reasons, but it would be helpful if maybe destroying a wall required a hammer while all other weapons would simply not give you an attack option for them. 

Is there any reason I'm not thinking of that Klei has "attack" as an automatic response to being near a wall?



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Its not really a bug it was designed that way, but i agree it truly can be annoying. Where it aggravates me the most is my mole farm, try to hit the moles and more often then not my character targets a wall, i've made it bigger so i'd have less of a chance to target the walls and still find myself hitting them. 

You didn't forget to mention PS4 this is the PS4 section, so it was there mistake not yours. No worries though at least they were trying to help.

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I hope they change it. It's really a headache. We have our main base underground, and  moles are always falling in from earthquakes. They can be useful when you need morsels or moggles, but otherwise they just create a constant rumbling noise all around us. I regularly go around hunting them just for some peace and quiet lol.

What's irritating is, like you said, nearly always hitting the wall when you kill them. Our moles seem to always get stuck burrowing up against the walls, so it's pretty unavoidable. 

I was really hoping it was a bug and not some weird game mechanic. I don't really see the logic in how adding an attack command on walls enhances or helps gameplay. 

Although, it DOES feel like the game is trying it's dead level best to kill us, so maybe that's it...just one more way to help you die LOL Kinda like that fire staff, omg it's only use seems to be to help you destroy your camp XD I forbade anyone to touch the two we ended up with and walked them to the furthest edge of the world and left them there :)

Also, I have been very happy with the helpfulness of the DST community. I don't think I've ever seen a more friendly and welcoming community. Our last multiplayer game was Rainbow Six Siege, and although I love the game, the toxic community killed the enjoyment for us, at lease where the multiplayer side was concerned. This place is such a nice change :) 

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I agree 100%. I would also like to add that if there are too many objects in the way, like the bunny huts in my bunny farm, you can't lock on to anything.

Pressing R3 should have the game latch on to the closest living being, or a boss when present. 

This one's just me spitballing but holding R3 and moving the right c stick should allow you to switch between targets. It would save a lot on headaches

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 One of the reasons that i am still so active with this game, is the community. Though we certainly have our fair share of toxic players they are overwhelmingly outnumbered by nice, helpful people. It really is hard to find a multiplayer game that has such an optimistic player base and development team behind it. 

As you said about the sounds from the moles they do tend to get annoying, that is why i put my mole farms at minimum of 1 screen away. One to avoid the sound and 2 to keep them from creating to much lag when i'm near a base. 

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5 hours ago, Rogueagent01 said:

2 to keep them from creating to much lag when i'm near a base. 

I never even thought of that! I notice that when I enter the cave base my character seems to take on a mind of her own at times, either stalling then speeding forward far beyond where I wanted her to go or even running circles against the direction I'm pushing the analog stick. 

From what you said, maybe I can fix that a little if I find a way to make our base inaccessible to moles, although with the earthquakes, I really don't see how to do it. We actually set up by walling in the entrance to the cave (a nice large size rock wall with double doors. Then, as we got more supply's and could spare the resources we began adding on "rooms" like a house. We have a sleeping/wardrobe room, personal closet spaces, a kitchen, a storage area for the crates of goodies, a mushroom planter/ jerky room, a walled in dragon fruit garden and an open misc. garden outside the walls. 

And there is at least one mole, sometimes even two in each room XD. Abbigale helps a lot (she doesn't seem to like moles either lol) but for the most part, we simply try to ignore them. But if they are causing the weird lag I need to figure out a way to deter them from the camp. You've given me something to think about for a situation I didn't understand, so a huge thank you!  :)

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