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  1. Frickin' hounds!!!! (Venting)

    LOL...totally valid tactic. Truth be told I bet many people do this sometimes (myself included, when I really just don't feel like messing with them).
  2. Frickin' hounds!!!! (Venting)

    Only every single time we finally get fully prepped for a big fight. They do have impeccable timing. I started playing Wigfrid though, and now I pretty much just tank everything, including hounds XD
  3. [Game Update] - 157

    Glad the game is working for you. I won't get a chance to try it out until Saturday, but I hope the cave issue is resolved by then
  4. On retrofit worlds

    Ok, here's what I found on my servers: The host can enter and exit caves at will, but any guests that join will be disconnected upon entering a cave (or trying to exit one) and will not be able to rejoin at all. This is true for both old and newly created worlds. The region of the server does not matter (I am on an American server and one of my friends is on a European server, and we both tried hosting with the same results). So basically if anyone other than the host tries using the caves, they are disconnected and cannot reconnect in any way. We tried rejoining through friends list, rejoining through invitation, rejoining through Klei store. Nada. I'm sure it will be resolved
  5. World creation settings.

    I agree about making the environment too easy by removing the hazards. I would say, however; that using flingos, tentacles, bunnymen and the like to beat a boss is just being efficient and innovative. You are still only using the materials you are given to complete a task, just in a way that maximizes your gain with as little loss as necessary. I get that. It takes a lot of patience and resource gathering to put together many of those ideas. It's just a different game-play style, that's all. Some people like to fight it out like COD while others like to play it more like chess Just my view on it. Either way is fine. You certainly shouldn't get a lot of hate just for stating your opinion, though. Everyone is entitled to theirs
  6. World creation settings.

    LOL, I think it's part of the game design. The game's job is to kill you and your job is to not let it. I suppose more resources would make it too easy
  7. Help me pls

    It hasn't happened to me and I hope it never does. I didn't even know it could happen...sorry you lost so much effort, I know I would be heartbroken. I hope Marco BR's advice works for you.
  8. Weird splumonkey glitch

    LOL...I thought poop came from the other end They look like they are spiting them.
  9. Geometric Placement?

    LOL...glad I'm not the only one. I can take forever to place a chest in a line of chests. And if it's underground I've been caught in an earthquake on more than one occasion because "I've almost got it...". XD
  10. Target locking..

    I just turned it off. Got tired of repairing walls XD
  11. I don't have a keyboard. Just the ps4 controller
  12. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    Congrats! Now make Jelly Beans XD
  13. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    Nice hutches. Yours are a bit closer than mine, but it seems you should be able to pull it off with what you have. I don't see any lightning rods or flingos, do you have them and they are just out of frame? If not, you might want to place a couple of each around your hutches. One lightning strike or fire hound attack can put all that work out the window. I guess you can just roll back if that happens, but I'd rather prevent it
  14. Bee Queen vs Bunnymen

    Did you set up a couple of small fenced in patches with powder cake or something in them to keep the bunnymen out during the day? I ask because we have used bunnymen since we put our hutches up and they rarely loose a fight. If the bunnymen aren't out at the same time (if some are in their houses sleeping) then you would have a problem. Baiting them to stay out is essential. That's the only thing I can think of. Our BQ and Dragonfly both are side by side in our world, and we generally take out the BQ first and then the next evening take out the dragonfly. (although the dragonfly is the one we defeat only about half the time) We have had a few close calls on loosing too many bunnymen, but if even one can make it until the next evening he will be joined by spawning reinforcements. If you have made the celestial portal you can use the moon idol to change into Wigfrid and whip out a few cheap battle helms for them, make another moon idol and switch back into whatever character you want. Hope that helps some :/
  15. NP. The bee queen is an easier fight by far in my opinion than the dragonfly, so if you managed the dragonfly you'll have no problems with the bee queen