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  1. LOL...that short is great The expressions are so perfect, especially from Bearger XD Thanks for that!
  2. Thanks for the info Glad to hear it's going to be fixed!
  3. I played Wendy a little bit the other night, and I like most of the new stuff. I just decided not to play her because I'm constantly smacking Abigail on accident, making her reset. It's very frustrating. Most of the time I will just be doing routine things and *smack*...crap. Is this feature necessary for balancing the game? Just wondering where it fits in or what the thought process is for it...if there is a reason Wendy can so easily be her own worst enemy lol
  4. Thanks for the update! I'm so excited to see the new Wendy. I played her almost exclusively when we first started. Now I'm Wigfrid almost all the time, but I'm going to need to change it up a bit since Wendy is refreshed! Exciting times You and the Klei team stay safe and keep your spirits up, everyone is having to work from home these days and for anyone not accustomed to it it can be mentally draining over time. My husband works at home already as a freelancer, but we're both a couple of weirdos that like to stay home anyway XD We both love your game and admire your persistence to keep developing in uncertain times. If you ever need some relief work to help take the load off, Darko (that's my husband) would be happy to help where he can in between projects and during down time. He's a generalist so he does everything from Illustration to 3D modeling, rigging, environments etc...Darko Vucenik I wish I could help too, but I'm still just learning Unity and Blender. Your coding goes WAYYYYY beyond the little block breaker I made lmao Maybe one day though Our family is trying to build a small game studio that focuses on co-op games exclusively, because we believe a family that plays together, stay together XD (so cheesy) Anyway, just stay safe and wash those hands Cheers! PS: When we first started playing DST we challenged each other to come up with our own character and backstory just for fun. These have been sitting in a hard drive for months gathering virtual dust. If you like them or think you can spin them around somehow to suit your game, you are welcome to them They were just for fun anyway.
  5. Glad the game is working for you. I won't get a chance to try it out until Saturday, but I hope the cave issue is resolved by then
  6. Hello, I am currently playing Wendy, and many times when I enter a cave she runs a few steps around it on her own. Other times I am clearly guiding her to the right and she makes a circle to the left or even figure 8-like pattern. I literally have removed my thumb from the analog stick and she kept going for about two to three seconds and in odd directions. I have no idea how to reproduce this as it happens sporadically and seems to not follow any pattern (except when entering happens quite often there). I play The Don't Starve Together Console Version for PS4 I'm sorry, I do not have log files...I'm not sure how to even create one. Thank you!