Suggestions (edit) LOTS of suggestions :)

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1.Don't know if it's just me but when it turns night, pitch black, and theres a campfire,only a ring around the fire is lit but everything outside of that is completely pitched black.Before the google chrome you were still able to see a little beyond your campfire.In the steam version,no.

2.Maybe a Bonfire? for don't starve? so even larger than the fire pit.

3.A back pack.I think the game really needs more inventory space.Perhaps a back pack made of beefalo fur to make it hard to get probably 20 or so furs.Then uuuh maybe rope for the backpack material?

The backpack should give about 6 slots maybe, seems reasonable.

3.More variety of animals maybe elk deer low spawn chance but infinite. large traps to accompany this

4.need stone armor or something maybe a makeshift battle armor or something long lasting requires gold, stone, boards, rope,fur and some other things

5.Could we possibly duel wield tools and weapons maybe? Like a pickaxe and axe so you can chop wood and break stones? If this is considered then maybe even shields.Like a meatshield made of meat :DDD

6. A new way of dying from the darkness can possibly be that if you stay out in the dark too long a very faded shade with glowing eyes poofs in and **** you face.Gives a slight chance of actually living but overal i think you should have an idea of what killed you.

7.nerfed gold a little too harshly on research points maybe? idk. :(

8.perhaps food poisoning?

9.bigger trees bigger rocks=more resources but require more chopping or smashing

10.more recipes for cooking!

11.early game weapons a wooden shank maybe? i keep dying because i'm too defenseless in the beginning

12.maybe uncommon ores on the surface which can be copper or iron? unless gold is already good enough.



thirst meter/ things to accomodate

more variety of animals maybe elk deer low spawn chance but infinite. large traps to accompany this

fishing rod

buffed bug net---------golden bug net

gold spear

bow and arrows---------golden bow and arrows


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I'd love a backpack. Perhaps it should come with a penalty to move-speed, though.

I'm sure more animals and armor types are coming. This is still very much Beta. As for duel-wielding or multi-purpose tools, I'm not sure if I like it. I can see a battle-axe that doubles as an axe and as a weapon, though. What I'd prefer is hotkeys.

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I think I saw this suggestion elsewhere but: How about a wheelbarrow (or something similar) instead of (or along with) a backpack. It could work like a chest that you could push around. On the other hand you couldn't hold anything else while you were pushing/pulling it and if something attacks you it might leave you woefully unprepared.

I love the bonfire idea as well :) Maybe you could make it just like the regular fire and just keep throwing stuff on it to make it a huge thing :) Dangerous but fun yes :)

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