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How to train stats(athletic,care,strength.etc) for our dups now ? and does learning still improving stats leveling ?

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Good day my fellow overlords . since qql 3 come with the big big changes in jobs and skills there are so many questions . so many blueprint in needs to be remake . I dont have much time to play so this is really overwhelming . And thank you for your teachings . 

1. Which is the best ways for us to train your dups stats now .Strength , athletic , care , cook , build , dig ...etc .

2. Does LEARNING is still able to boost our dups stats training .

3. a side question . how do you deal with the zombie spore ? its nasty and really tough to kill

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1. By doing the associated tasks: Improve cook skill by cooking (edit: this is bugged and improves tinkering) - improve art skill by 'arting'. (Strength is the exception and can only be improved by choosing various skill improvements) (edit: apparently mopping increases strength)

2. The tool tips suggest that LEARNING does still boost the rate at which dupes improve other stats.

3. ?

4. Purely cosmetic.


Would still like to see some bonus perks to the ray guns when specialising in certain disciplines eg miners receive double ray strength. Architects receive +1 ray distance etc.



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Strength: Let Dupes mop up water on the floor. There are special builds here in the forum to allow for constant mopping.

Athletic: Just let your Dupes run around.

Care: I don't know but kindness is somewhat pointless since disease prevention is the way to go.

Cook: Cooking is bugged right now and can't be increased by "cooking" anymore. Instead your cook will get tinkering. So choose a high cooking Dupe from the printer pod. The same goes for ranching.

All other attributes level up by doing them.


2. Learning only increases the speed at which attributes are gained. Learning does not increase the rate you gain new skill points.


3. Never let it contaminate your base. Dig into it with a working liquid airlock and wear atmo suits.


4. Hats are purely cosmetic.

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1 hour ago, 01Kate10 said:

Would be good if wearing it gave either a bonus to skill gain (or attritube related to that skill), and/or a morale bonus associated with that job.

I disagree. If hats gave a bonus, I would want to micromanage the hats to make sure they are always optimal, and hats would need to change throughout game play. I would hate to want to put a suit wearing athletic gain hat on to travel to the dig site, switch to a digging hat for the job, switch back, etc. 

With being cosmetic, it is much easier to visually sort my dupes. It's as good as the naming of storage bins. I can give them a hat they keep on for hundreds of cycles so I can easily tell who is who at a glance. Having tiered hats (white, red, black) means I can sort which dupes might be good for multiple jobs without caring if they have the hat for that job. 

I guess my point is it is nice having two separate systems - a skill system to micromanage that is directly tied to abilities, and a cosmetic system that doesn't affect skills at all that can be used for organization. 


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