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  1. Update 23/2/2018 The following comment is purely about how I 'feel' my PC is reacting, I don't really have the computer skills or equipment to be able to monitor what is actually happening. It feels like my lil old gtx460 is overheating. I've found that if I limit my playing ONI to a handful of game days, and additionally give my graphics card an hour or two break between game playing sessions (ie switch off, or simply just browse some news articles or whatever) I can reduce the likelihood of a freeze/crash to near zero. Additionally, if I have the integrated graphics option in BIOS set to enabled, rather than completely freeze my entire PC it seems only the graphics stop working. My PC continues to run, I continue to hear the game running, and from the audio cues I can hear when the new game day starts so as to be assured of an auto save (if it's been a game day that I didn't want to lose) before I use my PC's sleep function to close down and then wake back up. When it wakes it comes back in 800x600 graphics mode and the applications are still running. I simply close down the applications and do a restart and the PC will reset to it's normal graphics 1980x1050 settings. I could adjust the graphics back manually without restarting, but I have the sense that it's safer to allow the PC to do a restart than not. It may be, as AlexRou suggested above, that my card is simply too old or worn out from use. It may be that hijacking of people's cards for cryptocurrency mining that I've read about (I don't touch crypto myself, but I've read that websites can be used to hijack my graphics card to do so) has worn down my card. Maybe it's a combination of all above. Whatever it is, from the way it behaves, I'm pretty sure my beloved gtx460 feels like it's overheating where previously it seemingly would run applications like this without trouble (within reasonable boundaries - as per FFXIV mention above). I'm looking to upgrade to a newer card, I'm just hobbling by in the meantime to save up the dosh and hopefully have the price of graphics cards drop back down to a more reasonable level. (This crypto craze has to end soon I'd think with all this talk of fraud and a likely crash.) However, I would like to ask the devs to consider whether it is possible that PC setups like mine - with fairly new/recent CPU/motherboard processing capacity, fairly old/outdated graphics card - can have an in-game option to shift some of the processing load from the graphics card back to the CPU. AlexRou indicated above that the game does make use of some more of the graphics card intensive processing abilities so I'm wondering whether shifting that load is a possible option. That's it from me. Best of luck with the game, devs. It's a wonderfully engrossing game, and I'm really enjoying the recent job board update. o/
  2. Couldn't stay away. (No self-control whatsoever.) So played a 12+ hr stretch straight over saturday. Not one single crash. Which is completely different from my previous experience. Only two things were different: (1) I played ONI windowed in 1024x768 while I watched videos. (2) When I tried using the onboard graphics instead of my gtx460 (as mentioned above) I had to adjust the integrated graphics option in the BIOS from 'auto' (not disabled - default was auto) to 'enabled' so that I would get a monitor signal through the motherboard's HDMI connection. When I switched back to the gtx460 I didn't go back into the BIOS, and left the option set to 'enabled'. I contacted nvidia support and spoke to 'Prakash' via their web-based chat support. He said that leaving the BIOS integrated options at 'enabled' could lead to problems with conflicting drivers, etcetera, and was not the reason I was no longer having the graphics crashes, but then he also said I could leave it at enabled if I found my PC was no longer affected by the graphics crash. (So will it cause conflicting drivers or not...!?! oh well...). FYI.
  3. AlexRou, I realise you're trying to be helpful, and I thank you for your intent. However concluding that I need to replace my entire PC because of this one game that's not even in it's release form yet and is having application hangs which disrupts a user's entire PC setup is an unrealistic conclusion bordering on fanboi-ism. I can't even say that my old gtx460 is the cause since it's shown (given it's extremely capable handling of Urban Empires compared to the onboard graphics) it's still working very well indeed. (My little precious it is). As I said in my first post, when I've had the ' nvlddmkm ' issue occur previously with FFXIV (a far more graphically demanding game) it was resolved when I altered my expectations of using the game on my PC hardware via the graphics settings. THIS GAME DOES NOT HAVE THOSE USER OPTIONS!! If there is something in the game that requires use of newer graphics capabilities such that older graphics cards like mine will not be able to handle it (as you suggested might be the case earlier), then the devs should either: (a) allow options in the graphics section allowing users to opt out of it in their gameplay; or, if their game won't function without it, (b) warn users that only cards with a certain functionality will be able to play the game. Frankly I have no idea what the nvidia comparison to the recommended 'intel HD 4600' is, so if the dev team gets back to me and says 'we're sorry but your beloved gtx460 is simply too old to handle the demands of this game', then fine. I'll pack it in no matter how much fun the game is, and I'll go back to steam to request a refund because I would have spent money on a product that is unfit for purpose (ie being used with a gtx460 card). As I said above, it would be unrealistic of the devs to expect that every potential buyer of their product would have the latest hardware. If they want to reach the broadest audience possible they would have that in mind. More than that, it's people like me with computers that don't necessarily have this year's latest PC equipment/specs who experience problems and report them that help give dev teams like this one an idea of where their game might be running into problems. So, while I appreciate your intent, AlexRou, you might want to tone down the 'blame the problem on the reporter' mentality, as in the long run, in the bigger picture, it doesn't help dev teams like this one polish their product.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion AlexRou, but since ONI is the only game causing a serious issue, I don't think the conclusion that I need to replace my PC is warranted. This is an issue with the game, not my PC.
  5. I had to switch back to using the gtx460 the onboard graphics were fine with ONI (although ONI did still have that crash as reported above), apart from it weirdly shifting resolution down to 10xx something (can't remember the exact resolution) from my screen's native 1980 after that application hang. But when I tried another game that required 3d gameplay (was trying out Urban Empires) the gameplay lag was SHIIIIIT. I really really like your game and I want to continue playing it, but I'm not going to risk another crash. One of the crashes I had yesterday resulted in there being a disk error when the disk check occurred after having to a power button reboot (because no graphics). I can't risk damaging my hard drives. I rely on my computer for everyday living and really can't afford the costs of any possible necessary replacements parts at this time. I really hope to hear back from your team on this.
  6. (The following is from a fellow player, not the developers). It has to be said mate - what on earth do you expect the devs to do with this? You've provided no details on the nature of the crash (what was the sequence of events/why you think it's related to the game) or attached any error reporting files, or other specs about your PC. That said, since I also have a nvidia card (a gtx460) and it's also been crashing, perhaps you can peruse my bug post to see if there are any similarities. Edit - a suggestion: 1) Try perusing your Event Viewer -> windows logs -> application logs for any error reports regarding the game at the time your card gave out. 2) Read the pegged 'Known Issues' bug post, as the first 3 items tell you how to attach relevant information to your bug report.
  7. Ah-HAH!! This time the screen blanked for only a second and then came back on instead of staying off. However this time the audio didn't pause ... which makes me wonder whether it is the same problem, or a new one. I'll keep playing to see if it repeats. But, at least this time I didn't have to reboot my PC - I'm calling that progress!! Event Viewer log for this and previous ONI crash/application hangs. One thing - there's 3 'application hang' reports (attached) another 2 non-hang reports, but I know I've had more crashes than that. :/ ONI crash 20171123.txt ONI crash 20171119.txt ONI crash 20171121.txt
  8. I've noticed something I hadn't noticed before, since I normally play with the game's audio turned down while I listen to other things (80's music ftw!). The audio also pauses for roughly 2 seconds before continuing. AlexRou - Thanks for the suggestion re: onboard graphics. I'd completely forgotten my mobo now has a hdmi port onboard am about to give it a try right now.
  9. Yes, I've had the thought lingering in the back of my mind that I should upgrade to a newer graphics card. I just haven't gotten the budget together for it yet. As far as I'm concerned, if I need to buy a new one, it's gonna be a damn good one that should last me a good few years - so the budget for a new one is a fair aways off yet. I'm going to assume there is a good number of people around the world looking to buy this game who aren't running top shelf PC set ups, so I don't think the devs could just put this down to 'you should buy a new graphics card', if they want to reach the broadest customer audience. I always clean install my drivers where possible, and since I only updated the nvidia driver a 2 or 3 weeks back, that shouldn't be the issue. I never overclock. I'm not going to bother with stress testing when I already know my little precious is chugging away best it can, but it's not going to be capable of handling the higher end demands of current year releases. I just didn't think from the look of it this game would be that demanding, graphically. I never had any trouble with Don't Starve or Rimworld, and ONI seems similar to those in some respects.
  10. I regularly keep getting the nvidia "nvlddmkm" crash occuring every 2 or 3 hours or so. The only other time this happens is when I'm playing FFXIV, and *ONLY* when I try to use higher graphic options. If I turn down the graphical options to low settings in FFXIV (for example, shadows) hey presto the problem disappears. My computer seems to continue to run (I can hear the sounds of the game running), but the error causes my plug'n'play LG monitor to switch off, indicating it isn't receiving any signals. The only way I know how to fix this is to reset/reboot my PC using the power button as nothing else will get the monitor to switch back on. Yes, my gtx460 drivers are up to date.output_log.txt With your game having 2D cartoonish characters I wouldn't think there would be much draw on my little old gtx460. I tried to adjust the graphics settings anyway, but the only options available are fullscreen y/n (yes), resolution (1920x1080 - my display's native resolution), and UI Scale (set to 100%) Btw, I've also noticed that on rare occasions I get some graphical objects sticking around on screen long after the colonist has finished doing the job for which the graphical object was used. Duplicant Paradise 4.sav DxDiag Oxg Not Inc.txt