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  1. This small mod turn off compression for your savegame. And after you realize that turning off compression for savegame will not speed your game saving, try this video. It will not help, but it will cheer you up : Ok, time for some good Game (Factorio). OniUncompress.dll
  2. When you start new game, there is exactly 4 cycles of peace (no meteor falling, in code it has "Default" name). after this peace period "MeteorShowerIron" period start. Because there is some random element I can not tell exactly when meteor start falling. But it is between 5.5 - 6.5 cycle. It does not matter if you breach surface or no. It is Only about time and you can not do anything about it.
  3. Wee I am soo drunk. I have definitivly not not not not not post this post , but wheee I am som drunk !!! Ok play factorio !!!! Becouse It has s :::::: Mods. (like really good one , not stupid like oxygen not included!!!). and multiplayer (like really good one, not stupid like oxygen not included!!!!!!), well everythink is much better with multiplayer, at least some wise man told me, I never play multiplayer becose I have no internet, and I probebly even dont exist, so I never play multuiplayer. I definityvly must sugest multiplare@@@ Also factorio Is really good , and have unlimited map!! (like noty limited and stupid map like Oxygen not included) Also Factorio has really good support, not like Oxygen not included !! Wheeeeeeeee!!!! Ok I must definityvly sugest mutiplayer becosuse it so styuupid , that I like It!!! If you want react to my post , you must draw picture!!! becose I can not read!!! Like really !!!
  4. There is new crime industry ??? Mods Stealing ??!!!?? Look, since my childhood I want to be some KingPin or something. I Always want invented some diabolical plan, like flood countryes with slightly worn pencil with reasonable price. And then when everyone is addicted to drawing, Price will rise... MUHHAAAAAAAAhAAAA!!! But stealing mods...... This is much better, Great Idea. Do you know some people ?????? Can you introduce me ??? Look I do some quick stealing !!! I'll name it on your behalf " AAAArgghtttt, too many colors !!!! (if you take SharraShimada and remove and add few Letter you simply get: AAAArgghtttt, too many colors ) And Now I flood Afganistan with this mod. (Off course this is only begining!) But it will really help if You can introduce me to right person, Pretty please, it is my child dream...
  5. RedDagger: Very intersting! And yes, it is very suspicious. If you want change Refrigerator capacity you need this : public class RefrigeratorConfig_DoPostConfigureComplete { // Token: 0x06000005 RID: 5 RVA: 0x000020B0 File Offset: 0x000002B0 [MethodImpl(MethodImplOptions.NoInlining)] public static void Postfix(GameObject go) { go.AddOrGet<Storage>().capacityKg *= 10f; } } Compiled version of this mod should have about 4kb. But this very suspicious mod have 45kb. And mod author use some Obfuscator, which is also very suspicious. Reading obfuscated .net code is very difficult, so I cant tell what this doing. And note that every ONi mod can do nearly everything. For example download some malware :), or worse, start playing Chinese Anthem and sign you to Comunist party!!!!!
  6. You should no play game on mac !!!!!!! Nobody plays games on Apple.
  7. If I have a cat, I will name it as AKI !!! Ohh, well I have a cat but she already has name: Prczyk. Sorry . But your work is really grat.
  8. Any chance to fix this? It is actually has nothing to do with tinkering, but with creatures and room tracker. Affect (probably ) farm tinkering too(no one noticed because it is quick action), fix may also help with performance. (well maybe)
  9. Steam turbine simply ignore engie tune up buff. This bug is beeing reported many time : Maybe now is time to fix it, or maybe not?
  10. Dupes with tryphofobia can dig (again ), if dig is part of build errand. I Attach savegame, but this is probably not necesery. ForKlei.sav
  11. The game simply crashes to desktop. (no mods active) 1.sav