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  1. Dupes with tryphofobia can dig (again ), if dig is part of build errand. I Attach savegame, but this is probably not necesery. ForKlei.sav
  2. Geyser Output Balance

    There is no such thing like Geology mod: What Geology mod (There is no such thing as Geology mod) can do: Before map is generated: - Control which geyser can or can not spawn on map. - Change values for old geysers. - Define new geysers, players can add own new geysers. ( if not afraid of <xml></xml>) After map is generated: - Upgrade geyser output values: increase output, increase/decrease output temperature, increase erupt duration, increase active duration, remove germs, increase overpresure value. - And if geyser still sucks: Change (randomly) geyser type. But Geology mod is a myth. If you still believe in it, you were MYTHTAKEN.
  3. No, not at all. I am at my 105 % of my nicerinest (it is really shame if this word dont exist) If I try harder my kidneys may fail.
  4. The game simply crashes to desktop. (no mods active) 1.sav
  5. Metal poor and Metal rich traits can be applyed on same world. Aridio: 912649795
  6. Frozen glacier doesn't work as expected. When I trying second world (Verdante), I roll Large glacier world trait (Seed: 884794524). I expected something frozen, but I get 4 big holes filled with clear water about 34 C (this is probably melted glaciers). I try more worlds with glacier traits and gets the same result. Some side note: I Really like new world gen, with world traits and other things. Thanks, there is now infinite (nearly) posibilites. I especially like frozen core + volcanos this is perfect combination
  7. Happy Canada Day

    Everything I know about Canada is from this movie :
  8. Copper

    Nirvana at last!!!
  9. If you want createAtmo suit you need copper ore and Reed feeber. I am not sure about reed feeber but copper ore is not present (at least) at Aridio planet. And if you want to use the rocket you need atmo suit...
  10. The thermal calculation is CPU intensive, so Klei put in SimDLL.dll. Which is native dll (not .net) You can also look at : Game.StepTheSim() . If you don't sleep for 3 days you will be dead. Oops sorry, it is about water, not sleep (if you don't drink for 3 days you will be dead.) In this case, Unleash the fury, Jean!!!!
  11. Hi, if you want to use any non Steam mod, you must: Go where moddb.json is located. (But don't edit it ).There should be at least 2 folders: Steam and local : go in the local folder. Create a new folder here, you can choose any name: ( I choose OniHCW50k) Put mod (.dll file) in this new folder. Now start the game and in the main menu click on the mods button. At the end of mod list should be this new mod. Enable it, restart the game, and it is all.
  12. Hi, if you look in the code, you can see that heavy conductive BRIDGE can transfer 50kW, but heavy conductive WIRE can transfer only 20kW. So one of them is definitively bugged.(In my opinion, both may transfer 50kW.) If you want Heavy conductive wire that can transfer 50kW, use RainbowDesign mod(he is very good moder), or you can use this mod. It is from the old day when I start modding. OniHCW50K.dll
  13. Hi, harmonium (again ) If you are still obsessed with faster stats leveling, try this : It should be safe, if you change your mind, you can disable this mod any time and you can continue playing your map.