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  1. Also, this bug report is related too:
  2. Changing Geysers

    My solution : Changing % chance of spawning some Geysers type:
  3. Any chance to fix this? It is actually has nothing to do with tinkering, but with creatures and room tracker. Affect (probably ) farm tinkering too(no one noticed because it is quick action), fix may also help with performance. (well maybe)
  4. It is my private. It is based on this : Try if you want. OniSolidTeleporter.dll
  5. Liquid + Gas + Solid Teleporter. (I have enough of pipes spaghetti.)
  6. Modding Resources

    Klei say abou modding this: "As we develop this system, we'll be putting out tutorials and templates to make getting started easier, " Klei probably publish some material soon, (soon = 2030 max) I say: If you need this, you already fail.
  7. Any mod for alarm?

    And other:
  8. Steam turbine simply ignore engie tune up buff. This bug is beeing reported many time : Maybe now is time to fix it, or maybe not?
  9. Thanks for Piped output & Sensory overload mods, they are really good!
  10. Dupes with tryphofobia can dig (again ), if dig is part of build errand. I Attach savegame, but this is probably not necesery. ForKlei.sav
  11. Crash to desktop

    The game simply crashes to desktop. (no mods active) 1.sav
  12. Metal poor and Metal rich traits can be applyed on same world. Aridio: 912649795