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  1. Hmm. Interesting how many free tagbits I have ? : Nearly 100! Good for me bad for you. Btw.: You are run of tagbits. Generally speaking : this is not mod fault. Ony.OxygenNotIncluded.DebugConsole define no new tag. Butcher station define 2 new tags, this is not too bad. My suggestion post a bug report and ask (not ask, DEMAND!!!!!!!!) more tag bits. And there are 99.9 % chance that Klei will totally ignore you :). But you can not be sure , so try.
  2. If I have a cat, I will name it as AKI !!! Ohh, well I have a cat but she already has name: Prczyk. Sorry . But your work is really grat.
  3. Some feedback on sweepy: Sweepy is very cute. Sweepy is a superstar! Also sweepy is useless. (At least now)
  4. Any chance to fix this? It is actually has nothing to do with tinkering, but with creatures and room tracker. Affect (probably ) farm tinkering too(no one noticed because it is quick action), fix may also help with performance. (well maybe)
  5. Steam turbine simply ignore engie tune up buff. This bug is beeing reported many time : Maybe now is time to fix it, or maybe not?
  6. Dupes with tryphofobia can dig (again ), if dig is part of build errand. I Attach savegame, but this is probably not necesery. ForKlei.sav
  7. The game simply crashes to desktop. (no mods active) 1.sav
  8. Metal poor and Metal rich traits can be applyed on same world. Aridio: 912649795
  9. Frozen glacier doesn't work as expected. When I trying second world (Verdante), I roll Large glacier world trait (Seed: 884794524). I expected something frozen, but I get 4 big holes filled with clear water about 34 C (this is probably melted glaciers). I try more worlds with glacier traits and gets the same result. Some side note: I Really like new world gen, with world traits and other things. Thanks, there is now infinite (nearly) posibilites. I especially like frozen core + volcanos this is perfect combination
  10. Mantak


    Nirvana at last!!!
  11. If you want createAtmo suit you need copper ore and Reed feeber. I am not sure about reed feeber but copper ore is not present (at least) at Aridio planet. And if you want to use the rocket you need atmo suit...
  12. Hi, this mod will fix problem: