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  1. 2 lines of heavy wires
  2. can i have the your saves ? i wanna see how u do things
  3. for now the best setting i see is from johnfrancis
  4. cant use that lol . i need something dont broke down and have to replace it constantly
  5. @SamLogan can i have the save ?
  6. Hi i wanna learn ways to cool the robo miner . im already using the door crusher from @SamLogan
  7. can i have the save ? your base looks interesting
  8. hi can you show me the one @Mullematsch did ?
  9. have you test that how much faster a dup with high learning will gain attribute than a dupe with 0 learning ? there are so many variations answer about this matter , its really confusing
  10. can you upload the save ? it would really helps
  11. Updated Air Compressor

    you can do it with just 3 doors mate
  12. the last of us ... braincell not included