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What are the advantages of the tin set over the log/football armor set?

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Both Armour pieces (Fancy Helmet and Tinsuit) slow you down when wearing them.

20% speed reduction for each which means if you wear them both you will get 40% speed reduction.

each absorb 80% damage and have 1200 HP which makes them both HIGHLY durable and last very very long in a fight.

so basically if you want to tank something and not move around much, this Armour is perfect for you.

Mobility is the biggest deal.

(also wearing the Helmet slows you down to the same extent as wearing a Tin Suit, just saying once again)

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32 minutes ago, S19TealPenguin said:

How does speed stack in DS? If I wore tin hat and suit (-20% each) but equipped a stalking stick (+30%) do I get only a -10% speed reduction?

Yes, exactly. basic math hehe

you can do kiting somewhat with it,tho I personally prefer tanking cause the suit is only fully useful in that regard.

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