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So Gas Conflict Steam Turbine Is DEFINITELY Deleting Gas?

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21 minutes ago, blash365 said:

To my knowledge. Yes.

But you could have found this information in one of the many existing steam turbine threads, i believe.

Thanks. I’ve read so much and I’m so confused and I need a yes or no treatment.

23 minutes ago, Coolthulhu said:

it deletes it in a specific spot.

I heard about it, same with electrolizer geysers, etc. thanks for the deeper insight.

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The answer is : NO, provided you build the gas conflict correctly. A poorly designed build WILL delete steam.  A properly design build will NOT. 

I have built just about all of the designs, compiled most of the builds into a list (see this post), and debated the issue and tested it out with others. In the post I referenced, @Saturnus and I finally nailed down what causes the issue, and also found out how rapidly steam gets deleted. That discussion starts here.


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yeah I read all those posts before multiple times and I just read it again. When I tried them myself in debugging mode, you know, drawing gases and tiles, or by heating up a H2-water room to H2-steam room, it never worked. It either started to delete gas or it eventually stopped. It was hot enough and there is a row of room above turbine. @mathmanican

Edited Added:

I just tried again, and it worked this time. Did it work just because I write about it here? Thx anyway @mathmanican

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