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Hello again.

This time I presenting to your attention second iteration of the condensing steam turbine

Thank the Reddit user named hackcasual who gave me the idea to add "heat recovery unit' which takes steam after wind turbine and use it to reheat water/stream. 

I this way efficiency got dramatically increased.

This build has 3 steam turbine that running 100% up-time. To make so, there are should be significant steam pressure/mass.

Also, there are 4 aqurtuners, 2 of which run 100% time and 2 others are flickering on and off.

The surplus of power is around 1200kJ per cycle, which is equal to 2000W;

For more details watch the video, link below:





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Nice you made a debug build...


Even with Jet Suits this build takes 300 cycles and more resources than the world contain.


Debug builds is okay for concept builds, but this seems like an entirely useless concept with no use in a survival game or even remotely something that provides ideas for something that can be build in a survival game.

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Here's a very relevant and useful post that could give you some more ideas for improvements.

@wachunga has been working on this topic for over 6 months. When I look at your build, my first thought is that you are going to lose way more heat from your lava than you want, if you continue to keep a direct connection between the lava and turbine. The lava can be disconnected from the build, and then the heat brought straight to the turbine with piping. @wachunga's build has a space for this heat source (represented as 4 aquatuners, but can easily be replaced with a pipe delivery system - completely automated with a recirculating fluid needing no additional power).

Have fun tinkering.  I did add your two builds to my compilation page.




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Ti Miravlix.

Yes this build in debug mode and yes this is prove of concep.

It is buildable in survive mode, and time will depends on number of dupes involve. You dont need space materials, only steel will be fine. And Im going to build it in my base.

I feel your pain. All of us have build steam turbines with blocked ports or hydrogen pocket. We all knew it is exploit, but it was fine because we all thought steam turbine is broken and it is only way to make it run. We have complained to Kley, but they didnt fix it, because it was not broken. And this concept prove it. Next time you will fill you steam turbine with hydrogen, thought that you are exploiting will be there.

But dont worry, it is single player game and no one will judge you for using exploits, you can keep exploiting if you want.

If your goal to make sustainable base, you need hatch and puft ranch, couple of coal generator and SPOM, and mushroom farm. Everything above is not necessary and waste of time and resources. But you have build steam turbines before, why?

Why people build oil to nat. gas boiler? Solar panes? Because they luck of power or because it is fun to build?

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To Mathematician

Thanks for sharing info and including my build into your post. I saw your post long time ago, didn't know you keep maintaining it and updating it with new info, didn't see other people builds. Good job there. Tho, it is sad to see I was not first(((

Watchu build and my is basically the same concept with different design. My only addition is to stuck up steam turbines, you can do it becasue condenser will 10kg/s regardles of the number of the turbines. But I'm sure watchua thought about this, the only challange is to provide enought heat, so he didn't build more steam turbines.

Also, watchu heat recovey design is more efficien. I tried to build condenser with 2 aquatuners, but it was not enought, my super coolan got overheated. So I added more auratuners. But seems it can be done with only 2 auatuners, which will made thing even more efficient, and 2 steam turbines will be enought and less heat requrements. So there are room for improvements. 

You are right regarding, magma. I have refiled that pool 2 times in 35 cycles. This build is very hungry for heat.

And thank you again for your well maintained post about steam turbine. Thanks to people like you we have great comunity around ONI. Keep it up!!!

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Thanks for sharing.

It looks beautiful. I love simmetry.

Challenge accepted for next colony (I never built a steam turbine before).

Three noob questions:

01) How to approach contact with magma without killing dupes or damaging everything around?

02) The only automation is thermo sensor connected to doors?

03) What is the liquid inside that pump room? Is it super coolant?

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Hello. Here are answers on your questions:

1)When you approach the magma make sure you do it in the vaccum. In this way heat will be not transfered to your dupes, if they will not jump inside magma. Also room with doors should be vacuum. So when doors open there are no heat transfer.

1.1) I used magma in this build for demonstration purposess. During test of 35 cycles I have refiled that magma pool 2 times. So magam is not good solution for the base build. I would strongly recomend to use other heat sources for base build, vulcano, metal refinery, other cooling system (water cooling base cooling, rocket exause, solar panel cooling and so on. You can use autuners to do deliver heat, see example of the matimatician post, watchua build);

2). There are also sensor at liquid pumps, I use it mostly to control for the priming, later dont use. In reall base your stem turbine build will not be running 100% time, due to luck of heat. I would also recomend to put automation to the steam turbine. It not like you really need it, but it will be difficult add it latter. So better have it from the beginning. 

3) that liquid is water.

It is chalanging build. Not in terms of steam turbine unit itseld, but in terms of where to find and deliver so much heat. I will try to build one myself in my base, but this will be at late game, whan I will actually have enought heat generating machines. 

Look at the mathematician post more closelly, he put a lot of info there, it will help you.

Please, if you actually going to build it, share it in the forum. I would like to see it.

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On 21.2.2019 at 2:38 AM, gamengineering said:

It is buildable in survive mode, and time will depends on number of dupes involve. You dont need space materials, only steel will be fine. And Im going to build it in my base.

Good luck and watch that you never "accidentally" have debug enabled ^^

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If you cannot build this, doesn't mean that no one else cannot build this. Please, epxlain me which part of this build is impossible to build without debug, especially at the late game

Any way build cool and complex builds is more interseting than digging out whole map

Now I want to build it not because it's fun, but because I want to prove you wrong.

Chalange accepted and I'm going to stream it, so you can watch me that I'm not cheating with debug tool. Tho I will need space material for this (super coolant). Petroleum will work as well, but will be less efficient

If you are interseted, let me know, I will let you know when I start building it in my base. You can easelly find me on twitch

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2 hours ago, gamengineering said:

I will build a condensing steam turbine, that function without exploits;


Mhh why not building your own example?


On 21.2.2019 at 2:38 AM, gamengineering said:

It is buildable in survive mode, and time will depends on number of dupes involve. You dont need space materials, only steel will be fine. And Im going to build it in my base.


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To Junksteel

Here is the link to my stream channel, you are welcome to join: (tho we might have a big time difference, I live in China)


Today I will start my base with the goal of building this turbine, but it will take some time until this base will be ready for this build.

I will PM you and Oozinator when it's ready.

To Oozinator

what do you mean: Mhh why not building your own example? 

I started this post and showed here my example, tho my survival build will be slightly different, need to arrange a different source of heat, but it much depends from the seed I will get

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