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  1. Yes that's the main discussion, thank you. I was vaguely aware of oddities prior, but that really delved into it. Credit to Tonyroid for putting in the work testing and figuring stuff out. I think I found the report I was thinking of: And for good measure: Searching back through through all the reports really makes it clear how many unresolved and unacknowledged issues there are. Klei please.
  2. I found this concept interesting enough to make a test rig to get a ballpark idea of the heat deletion between water and ethanol. SelfCoolingAT.sav Flip the atmos to start the ATs. Watch reservoir temps to evaluate the heat deletion. Ethanol does about twice that of plain water. One would suggest the deletion is about half from the bug and half from the SHC manipulation. There is a poorly understood bug involved though, so I would advise caution in reading too much into it. Hydrogen is provided to demonstrate the heat deletion bug is very likely due to liquids blorping into gas over and over. It's reservoir temp will go down, but that's because heat is being dumped into the hydrogen. Manipulate the hydro sensor to return the reservoir temp to it's initial state and you'll see the hydrogen temp has returned to it's initial state as well (rounding errors notwithstanding). I hope this can lay to rest the question of whether or not there is a bug deleting substantial amounts of heat in these types of builds.
  3. Jesus Christ. What the hell happened to this game and this forum? **** me.
  4. You can use water instead of ethanol and get heat deletion in the same way. So I think it's less about manipulating SHC differences and more about the game being buggy with heat energy when you have droplets that evaporate causing big changes in gas pressure. Same thing as turbines deleting heat when the output water is feed back into the steam chamber in certain ways. The turbine heat deletion has been posted about several times. There is a bug report somewhere that shows the bug with 2 cells of differing gas pressures mixing. I can't be arsed to find it though. Nice idea though. I'm a fan of doing clever things by condensing gases. It's a shame the game is so damn buggy.
  5. I think it would fun if each room type had it's own pool of paintings. Bedroom could be the stereotypical cat playing with a ball of yarn, or pip playing with a seed for the ONI universe. Washrooms could be something along the lines of "All Dupes Must Wash Hands". Great Hall would be a menu. Hospitals promote dupes getting their flu shots pills. Power plants with OSHA type safety warnings. Nature Reserves have "No Littering" or "Save the Asteroid" messages. And so on.
  6. The brine conversion of the desalinator still has a minimum output temperature of 40C while the salt water conversion has no minimum. I'm guessing no minimum is what's intended and the brine conversion was simply overlooked. From the code, Brine: new ElementConverter.OutputElement(3.5f, SimHashes.Water, 313.15f, useEntityTemperature: false, storeOutput: true, 0f, 0.5f, 0.75f), new ElementConverter.OutputElement(1.5f, SimHashes.Salt, 313.15f, useEntityTemperature: false, storeOutput: true, 0f, 0.5f, 0.25f) Salt water: new ElementConverter.OutputElement(4.65f, SimHashes.Water, 0f, useEntityTemperature: false, storeOutput: true, 0f, 0.5f, 0.75f), new ElementConverter.OutputElement(0.35f, SimHashes.Salt, 0f, useEntityTemperature: false, storeOutput: true, 0f, 0.5f, 0.25f) DesalinatorBug.sav
  7. Liquid and gas pipes are buggy and flowing from output to output. Solid conveyor appears to be ok. The two gas pipes with filters are identical yet one flows from output to output while the other does not. Adding gas pipe between the two pumps causes the middle to flow. Pretty weird. ConduitFlowBug.sav
  8. Loose debris sitting on an insulated tile transfers as much heat as if that tile was not insulated. This also applies to the contents of buildings that lack the "Insulate" StoredItemModifier. Reservoirs, farm tiles, glass forge, etc. The glass forge is particularly problematic and should be insulated regardless of this bug. DebrisHTBug.sav
  9. Automatic dispenser does not always respect storage priority. In some circumstances, an automatic dispenser with a priority of 1 will generate errands to pull resources from a storage bin with a priority of 5. When the bin and the dispenser have identical resources selected, the dispenser behaves properly. When the bin and dispenser have different resources (bin having more resources than dispenser or vice versa) the lower priority dispenser will pull resources from the higher priority bin. Both situations are identical except the bin on the right has an extra resource selected. The dupe (or sweeper arm) on the right continuously moves dirt from the bin to the dispenser and then from the floor back to the bin. AutoDispenserBug.sav
  10. Material travelling on a conveyor that is offscreen does not transfer heat sometimes. This happens when the conveyor is diagonally offscreen to the lower left or upper right. Heat transfers properly when the conveyor is to the upper left, lower right, or directly above/below/left/right. Conveyor Bug.sav
  11. Ask and you shall receive:
  12. In the same vein as infinite power using batteries but with generators. Multiple "dead" generators will provide power so long as there is a "live" generator. Tested with manual generators and steam turbines, presumably this effects all generator types. Each dead generator seems to provide power as if it was another of the live type. 7 dead steam turbines make an extra 2800W as if they were live manual generators. The report screenshot shows how much more power is being consumed than is being produced. Power Bug.sav
  13. [Game Update] - 322093

    This bug still exists for manual generators, steam turbines, and probably other generator types. Power Bug.sav
  14. Gamebreaking Transformer bug - exploitable

    Good find. Looks like this happens with all generators. Those with pipe inputs/outputs need to have a pipe there and then they start producing free power. You can mix and match generators with the bugged ones acting as more of the unbugged one. One petroleum generator with a bunch of unmanned manual generators can produce 19.98 kW of power (333 smart compactors). This seems to get fixed after a reload but rebuilding the manual generators can bug it out again. Transformer Bug.sav
  15. [Game Update] - 298494

    There is a new metal refinery bug that allows it to run without enough coolant. Doing so causes the coolant to heat up more than it would with the proper amount of coolant. This is potentially the issue you are having but it's impossible to say without more information than is provided in your screenshots.