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  1. Seems simple to design the O2 creation to stop if you have a surplus. It would save on power and whatever other resources is involved. If you use O2 to make hydrogen and O2 being a waste product, you might want to consider why you need that much hydrogen, because it shouldn't really be hard to create more hydrogen than you can use from normal O2 making.
  2. [Game Update] - 364722

    You had this great system of releasing pre-releases on an opt-in basis, to make the main early access release more solid. So wth do you cold release after the product is fully released? This patch should never have been added to a released product, it's broken and ruin's games.
  3. Why are you killing them at all, what benefit is there in killing them? I give you 10$ + a 2$ bonus every day at 8 pm, you could come and get just 10$ but you pick the time, same with critter kill rooms. You do get some pointless timing control, but you loss a bonus. Edit: I should have made the bonus higher, you actually get over 10$ in bonus.
  4. You can't build everything on top of pDoors, so part of the floor has to be solid. While pDoors is most likely reducing the chance of dupes picking up coal, it can't remove the problem.
  5. Trying to do anything with the priority system in regard to stopping jobs, is nearly impossible, a errand covers many priority categories, so you have to turn off vital categories. The only real solution is to deny dupes access to the resource, like putting all lumber in a "off the grid" storage center, while a dupe may occasionally pickup lumber from the tree farm and deliver it to a machine, automation should reduce the number of jobs by a huge margin. Though with lumber you can harvest tree's and have the wood fall into a "off the grid" location only automation can access. Since it's rare to use fertilization with growing stuff you don't really need it to be a room and can design some things with ladder-Ladder-Farm-Ladder-Ladder designs. hatches and coal is harder, because you usually want to groom them and for that you need some access and it limits the size of rooms. What we need it conveyor belt like factorio, though automation will usually reduce the number of times dupes pick up coal, but they will grab coal occasionally. (You could deny access to generators, but I do like to use all that stupid lead to tinker with generators and make more power out of the same resources)
  6. I just found my water sieve had stopped working because it was full of ignigous rock and lead.... I found my guys wasn't putting critter eggs in a storage container because it was full of rocks. At least the storage container somehow had rocks turned on for storage, not that I can explain how the lone storage container that is the ONLY one in the asteroid could change from just pokeshell eggs to pokeshell eggs and rocks. It's not possible for it to be some weird copy mistake, even if there was any containers nearby so that mistake was possible, it's that no other container in the asteroid has pokeshell eggs and I would have to open the menu to select the single type of rock, it wasn't just all rocks. That is a impossible mistake to make. This is just the two latest examples that I just noticed before I decided it was time for a bug quit, because this stuff is hard to handle, launch has been a really bad experience so far, so many bugs.
  7. You are basically trying to use a fairly hot pin head to heat a stadium. You fingers might melt if you pick up the pin, but the stadium is not going to care.
  8. Water lock isn't good enough it's still mass the H can transfer the heat to, you need a vacuum lock and perfect insulation, to instantly see the 500C output. I don't cool geysers, I create a insulated cube for my dupes to live in, so I don't really care if the asteroid is heated a little after 1000 cycles and I just can't see myself playing 5000 or more cycles, so I will never play long enough that the asteroid run out of mass to "hide" the heat in. Only if you do vacuum builds does the game truly require dealing perfectly with heat.
  9. A Builder includes Supply jobs for Building. So the ops post is nonsense, the game already have it.
  10. So if you object to unlimited pressure, does that mean you don't use coal generators, petro generators, oil refineries oxiferns, heating water to steam and all the other ways to do unlimited pressure? I don't understand why people can object to "unlimited" pressure when over half the items in the game support unlimited pressure.
  11. Have a pump sitting in water, have a mini liquid pump doing the same water and bridge the liquid pump onto the mini pumps line. At first the pump is fine and fills up the small mini pump packets to full, but then it breaks and two empty packets come out of the pump, resulting in two small packets in the joined pipe. I had to put a tank in between the pump and the pipe, for it to consistently fill up the smaller packets. Edit: Nope, that doesn't work either, I keep getting the rare 5 kg packet, instead of them all being 10.
  12. Mine had a vent in it, so it's now the biggest ever gas storage unit, I've ever used.
  13. We have a community, we are not playing in a black box with no outside communication, so it's silly to talk about "singe player", there is NO SINGLE PLAYER GAMES due to the internet. Let's do a random first rocket launched speedrun, while each of us may due that with limited outside input, telling others you did it 5 minutes faster than other and it's no longer single player, but a community element. You are lying to yourself if you post here and claim it's a single player game. The FACT that you posted makes it a community. What I don't get it that people can't accept that the current game work a certain way, I don't see how it matters how the game worked 10 patches ago or how it will work in 10 patches. I don't give anything for people who think that you have to stand on one leg and jump up and down while playing the game is the only right way to do it, shut up about how to play. The game work a certain way either accept it or report it in the bug forum to Klei, pissing on others players because you disagree with how something work is NOT appropriate behavior.
  14. Anytime a resource is used up by a machine, wort, AETN, Steam Turbine, Venting Heat into Space. And simply cooking the asteroid in the early game, you can easily pour tons of heat into the rocks for 1000's of cycles, before it becomes hot enough it matters. Exo-Suits is a heat cheat. 1: They accept any temp oxygen. 2: It makes Dupes ignore most heat situations. (So what does it matter if the asteroid is 200C everywhere. Steel Machine can still operate) You need a few cooler areas for certain items, Insulated Tiles take care of creating those few boxes.
  15. I have arms that randomly decide not to move items, until I save and load and then they magically start moving items. If at least my dupes could pick up some of the slack and move items, but no my dupes picks up items, drop items, pick up items and drop items over and over and save/load unfortunately doesn't fix it.