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  1. I usually dig out the entire world and I run out of materials and I'm not even close to trying to fill the map with tiles. I find it quite a big end game problem having to sit around for hours while waiting for the rocket's to bring back materials to build the next great thing.
  2. Not sure if this was included in the ops list. If you transition GAS to liquid to solid then back again to liquid and GAS you can create insane amounts of the GAS. I made an ICE machine and it was cool enough that the CO2 from a dupe breathing in the room, got frozen, but then new water was added and it melted creating a insane CO2 explosion, I had 30 KG pr. tile in a huge area, because it took me a while to notice.
  3. I use heating and germ sensors, I have a tank with doors halfway down, using hydro sensors I detect when the bottom room is full and close the doors, another hydro sensor detect when it's empty and a germ sensor detects when the water can be pumped out. While the bottom part of the tank is killing germs/emptying out the top part is getting filled. I did some chlorine tank stuff, it's fairly easy to create a system that fills up the tank and stops adding more,then checks the tank PW until it report it's out of germs. (Two Shutoffs, loop and germ detetion sensors, means germy water keep getting sent back to the storage.) But I've had worlds without chlorine geysers, so it seems better to perfect a heating based germ killer, than trying to work on a system that doesn't work on every map.
  4. Read up on the germs, it will tell you what kills them and what makes it grow. Temperature, Chlorine, oxygen can be great ways to solve germ problems. I haven't looked up sporechid yet, so not sure what rules it has.
  5. Allergic Dupes sneezes floral germs, he filled up my massage room and surrounding area with floral scent germs. Resulting in the dupe getting over the allergy and then take a breath going right back into allergic reaction mode. I'm not sure how big a blossom farm it takes to keep one allergic dupe with meds, but 5 plants was clearly too little. I'm not sure what triggers the allergy, except I had it trigger without the dupe being exposed to floral germs, but by walking past mealwood plants, making me wonder if all the potted plants I've started to favor as decoration is triggering it too. The fact that it is yet another situation that is only challenging because you didn't know any better, is a bid sad though, I would rather have dupes having a random chance to become allergic than it being an easily avoided condition, after you learn of something it's way to easy to just restart and avoid the problem, resulting in each restart resulting in less and less challenge, that is not much fun, as it is just a matter of sitting around waiting for things to be build the right way that avoid problems on the next playthrough.
  6. Allergy pills take one blossom seed to make, I always make 5 planters around the dupe/item generator, so at first things seemed fine. My one allergic dupe got his medication, but he was using the blossom seeds faster than I was generating them. So I ran out, resulting in him getting a stress and sneezing debuf, that means if he try to use a massage table he will sneeze himself of it, so he is going to get 100% stress and he was a vomiter, so he vomited himself to death. My first ever death in ONI, only took 1710 hours.
  7. Still not seeing why you need automation for the critters to move out of the drop off room, they do that on there own. Even slicksters where the room is in CO2 so they don't have to move, moves out of the drop off room, I've had 100+ slickters and they still didn't result in more than a handful being in the critter drop off room. (And it was only because of the GAS dupe bug that I ended up with that many, without the GAS dupe bug you can't really generate that much CO2.)
  8. You can cook without using dupes. There is all the operate machine tasks to create stuff and building, otherwise you can automate everything else.
  9. [Game Update] - 324933

    Seems this patch introduced a crash bug related to viewing the skill popup. Worked fine before.
  10. Not sure what the problem is, maybe you have build something too complicated? Mine is a 1 tile wide room with just the criiter drop off and an open door, critters will leave the small room to go eat or get groomed, so the room will never get full.
  11. I can create unlimited CO2 by creating and ice maker that is cold enough to freeze and thaw the CO2 and it's insanely fast. I created the ice maker in a area I didn't have reason to visit after it worked, when I accidentally returned a few cycles later the CO2 was 10K+ pressure all over the place. (The ice maker wasn't air tight, so the GAS had access to most of the world.) It was most likely just dupe CO2 breath that started the snowball rolling. I've no reason to investigate the future, my goal has to be avoid the effect, but it seems to simple that it can most likely be done with most stuff that doesn't change what it is during transition.
  12. Make a wide horizontal floor, place a critter drop off and food on the right side. Result most of the shove voles all end up walking to the left side of the floor. It's part of the floor to catch regolith so the left side end's up empty of reglith and the future right you go the more reglith is on the floor, because of this left moving bias.
  13. This seems to be working as intended. Liquid at low enough pressure allows gas to displace it and since the liquid is at variable pressure, it will ALWAYS create low pressure situations where the PO can displace the liquid.
  14. Let get a few things clear, most resources is technically UNLIMITED. Gold and maybe some others is finite resources, but if you know about the Gold problem from the beginning you can adjust your usage to make it a practically infinite resource. The PROBLEM is the RATE of gathering the material, sure I can get infinite clay, but so far I'm always out as my Morb farm just can't create PO fast enough to create it.
  15. I have a row of windows that I keep drills above to crush regolith, so I also made it the location I release shove voles. The problem is that all the voles is ending up on the left most of the tiles. I have the critter drop of on the right most tile and the grooming station next to it, but all the voles has run off and is all standing on the 17ish left tile of the window. (The window is 2/3 of the length of the possible with of an asteroid) Okay, this is just weird, I didn't need window tiles at the last few tiles on the left and had used insulated tile, currently testing converting them to window tiles and it seems like the voles is now less attracted to the left, but I need many more cycles before it's clear.