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  1. If you use command line options like the full screen windowed command line option, the game doesn't use those options when mods forces a restart.
  2. You had this great system of releasing pre-releases on an opt-in basis, to make the main early access release more solid. So wth do you cold release after the product is fully released? This patch should never have been added to a released product, it's broken and ruin's games.
  3. Seems this patch introduced a crash bug related to viewing the skill popup. Worked fine before.
  4. I made a simple ice machine, drop water in some cooled room, but a single CO2 tile from a dupe breathing was in the room. The tile of CO2 eventually got frozen and then tawed and froze and tawed resulting in a huge area around the ice maker having tons of CO2.
  5. The game get completely confused about what packets is in pipes, especially around the time it stutters do to making/breaking pipes somewhere. One of my pipes went from being visually full of oxygen, then showed chlorine and hydrogen, the pipe was a very mixed feeder pipe to a gas sorter. The packets floats above the new gas layer, but the pipes is now on the layer below gas. Termo Sensor seems to have a logick problem. Put a termo sensor on an empty pipe: It is off. Run a packet past the sensor and then empty the pipe and the sensor says the current temp is -27x,x and with it set to above 6.9, it's now defaulting to being on when the pipe is empty. Clicking on the Job Promotion Altert centers the map in the upper left corner.
  6. I find it rather problematic that my doors and drywalls doesn't mix. It leaves gigantic holes everywhere that I can't avoid due to needing access to an area. Take my Telescope it's on top of two mech doors, so I can open them and avoid hot regolith landing on them and cooking the telescope, but at the same time my drill hanging on to the doors need gas so it get's cooled, but now I loss the gas every time I have to open the doors.
  7. I put Shove Vole eggs in a container and when other types of eggs turn into raw egg, the shove vole egg turn into omelette.
  8. I didn't forget it, I just didn't find it important. Needing 5 kg of Nob to create 500 kg of Nob seems an insane conversion rate.
  9. Molecular Forge: 5 kg of Niobium creates 100 kg of Thernum. Metal Refinery: 100 kg of Thernum creates 100 kg of Nobium.
  10. I guess all artist's is always filthy rich that they can just use and throwaway. Or maybe not...
  11. Having to build and remove paintings 3 times to upgrade them is not something the current system is designed to make fun.
  12. The pill machine doesn't seem to attract dupes to deliver balm lily flowers, the dupes delivered coal, but they seem to refuse picking up the flowers and delivering them. Edit: Not sure what is going on, but everything seems fine as I started up the game again. They deliver the flowers with no problem in a freshly loaded game.
  13. While I really appreciate that reed fiber has more uses, I don't understand why you give us a tile that give the same bonus as one that need reed fiber? Crown Molding Tile and Carpeted Tile both give +10 decor. The Carpeted tile takes Balm Lily Seed, Balm Lily Flower and Reed Fiber.
  14. PO and O is the same layer, where PO becomes bands within the oxygen a few tiles high. Sounds like Sour Gas will be between NG and CO2. NG Sour Gas CO2