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Suggestion: Broken Printer mode (Endless Dupes!)

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The printer is broken, we can't turn it off! ... It has Nuetronium under it...

You begin with one Dupe of your choice, randomly generated the way you pick the three starting dupes now. Then, every 3 cycles the printing pod spits out a new dupe. No selecting, no choice. See how long you can survive!

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2 hours ago, Xuhybrid said:

The thing is, i could cheese it by putting new prints inside a room to die. We call it population control. Cool idea though.

I'd say this is grim, but then, having dead dupes drop meat would be *really* grim...

Perhaps having a dupe die should result in a "mourning period" of +1 tier of morale for 7-8 cycles (meaning, their expectations go up by 1 tier so that the morale penalty scales non-linearly).

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