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Like the title says, please just let us domesticate and ride water beefalo.

I don't care if it doesn't make any sense in the game, I still wanna do it. I also wouldn't mind maybe also adding in another thing I had in mind if you decide to actually go through with adding in water beefalo domestication.


They could make it so that the ponds are all shallow areas that Ox like to live in, we could plant a couple of mangroves, start up a nice freshwater fish farm, give us salmon, make some neat recipes (or just snag the ones from the Gorge)

Or I dunno, give us some Nox to ride in Hamlet. It'd sure make a certain @minespatch explode with hype.

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I'd like to see other mountable animals in Shipwrecked (Seal or Tamed Crocodog, can swim on water or land (Just like Rainbow Jellyfishes can swim on Land if pushed) and causes Wetness 24/7 on a player if in water, unless the Player has a Boat Saddle) and Hamlet (Ostrichs with Scissor Beak located in the Roc Island (Together with Tallbirds?), fits in every dungeon or temple).

Also there's also still missing a Hamlet replacement for Deerclops.

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